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4 Tips for Starting Your Own At-Home Nail Salon

Over the last five years, the popularity of nails has been on the rise. People are looking for gorgeous nails with a unique twist for a reasonable price. And if you can play your cards right, you have an excellent opportunity to make money doing nails.  The best part about doing nails is that it’s […] Continue Reading ›
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Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event

Corporate events serve different equally important purposes. Sometimes they build morale among employees and help cultivate a team-oriented culture. Other times they foster networking opportunities that can lead to business deals and partnerships. They can even provide great PR opportunities. If you’re in charge of planning a corporate event, there’s a lot to consider. Here […] Continue Reading ›
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How to Make Product Photos that will Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales

Stock image via Photography is an excellent marketing strategy to improve your product sales, especially on a site like Etsy that sells unique and antique items. Good and aesthetic photography will entice a buyer to click on the product listing. A few important tips can be applied to create beautiful and eye-catching photographs to […] Continue Reading ›
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4 Tips in Converting Used Buses

When you see buses on the street, you know it’s made to last for a long time. Many people felt the same way with these heavy vehicles and considered taking on a challenge. What challenge would that be? Well, it’s to convert the massive vehicles into something else that you or the whole family can […] Continue Reading ›
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Android Or iOS: Which Is Better If You Like Mobile Games?

A single smartphone or tablet can give you quick and easy access to thousands of mobile-friendly casinos and a huge number of games. If games are your first thought with a phone, you may want to click this to learn more as well as see what else your smartphone can do for your needs. For […] Continue Reading ›
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Using PayPal to Create a Basic Online Business

Recently PayPal partnered up with a number of online sellers and websites to help PayPal customers buy from their websites. The arrangement will allow PayPal customers to purchase products, services, and more for their PayPal account using PayPal credit and PayPal debit cards. However, before a PayPal option, you would need to have a service […] Continue Reading ›
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Can You Trust Reviews Published on Social Media Platforms?

There is an inherent risk with any customer service issue, whether it’s resolving a problem at your local Starbucks or dealing with a business on social media. Whether the service is bad or bad enough to lead to a negative customer review, it can happen. The online reputation management (ORM) company Cimpress found that 29% […] Continue Reading ›
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Steps on how to begin freelancing

You might have been hearing about people who are making a lot of money from freelancing and you might be wondering if you can start freelancing as well. The good news is that anybody can benefit from freelancing once they are willing and can do it. All they have to do is take the initiative […] Continue Reading ›
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5 Great Businesses Born From Coworking Spaces

Singapore’s coworking space landscape has experienced a surge in the number of offices that have been made available for professionals. Not only has the business landscape seen a surge, but the types of spaces available has increasingly become diverse. In past days, businesses might only find general spaces that offer Wi-Fi, coffee, and maybe a […] Continue Reading ›
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The Evolution of Pharmaceuticals in 2018

The pharmaceutical industry has faced constant changes in previous years. In 2017 alone, they dealt with legal uncertainty, issues with patient centricity, and ransomware threats. Despite past issues though, the industry is poised to perhaps grow even more in 2018. As executives attempt to deal with both serialization and drug price, the pharmaceutical industry continues […] Continue Reading ›