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4 Health Benefits of Taking Up Embroidery for Seniors

Getting older isn’t always a walk in the park. Health issues can become an uninvited guest during your golden years. Many retirees live happily in assisted living communities, but they often need more than just companionship.  Activities that boost wellness are key too! Say hello to embroidery – it’s not new, but its health perks […] Continue Reading ›

4 Crafts You Should Consider This Year

Crafting is something that can bring all sorts of benefits to your life.  From being a healthy way to pass the time, to even being something you can make a living off of, crafting is something anyone should try. However, figuring out what it is that you want to do maybe overwhelming. With so many […] Continue Reading ›

3 Tips Selling Your Own Crafts

If you love to craft, you may have considered making this hobby a business by selling the crafts that you so painstakingly make. However, simply wanting to sell your crafts doesn’t mean that doing so will be easy. Just as with any business, you have to get a few things in order before you can […] Continue Reading ›

3 Holiday Crafts To Make With Your Loved One In Assisted Living

The holidays are a great time to plan on visiting loved ones. And for loved ones that may be living in an assisted living facility, having friendly faces to share the holidays with can be priceless.  During the time that you’re spending together, one great activity you can do together is to create some type […] Continue Reading ›

5 Incredible DIY Card Theme Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, a lot of people prefer cards to gifts. Cards are a fantastic way of sending a message of congratulations, or letting someone know you are happy for them. Handmade DIY cards are even more popular as they carry a unique, personalised touch to them and also appear more thoughtful.  When […] Continue Reading ›
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How to Make Product Photos that will Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales

Stock image via Photography is an excellent marketing strategy to improve your product sales, especially on a site like Etsy that sells unique and antique items. Good and aesthetic photography will entice a buyer to click on the product listing. A few important tips can be applied to create beautiful and eye-catching photographs to […] Continue Reading ›

3 Ways You Can Nurture Your Creativity As You Get Older

When people are little, it seems like being creative and using their imagination just comes naturally. But as people get older, their creativity often doesn’t have as much of an outlet anymore. However, for people to feel happy and fulfilled, finding a creative outlet is vital. So if this is something that you feel like […] Continue Reading ›

Getting Crafty: Uses for Mica Powder

Are you looking at your craft supplies, wondering what to do with the magical mica powder you bought but never found a way to use? Do you have some ideas, but you’re unsure how to use mica powder in your art? In the US, the FDA approves the use of mica-based pearlescent pigments of up to 0.07 percent by […] Continue Reading ›

3 Tips For Creating A Designated Crafting Space In Your Home

If you or one of your family members loves to craft, you likely know how much space doing crafts can take up. With all of the supplies and the room that is needed to do many different crafts, it can be hard to just do crafts in any old place in the house. Because of […] Continue Reading ›

Hobbies Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

Hobbies come in many forms and are designed to either be enjoyable or to earn a living. Hobbies can be both expensive and risky. Hobbies are usually done for no cost and usually performed for just fun, not for profit. Hobbies include playing miniature golf, collecting trinkets or dolls, building model cars and airplanes, learning […] Continue Reading ›