Craft Cravings was initiated to share my hobbies in craft and experience in marriage and parenting. However, it has grown into a community that includes various stakeholders who share the same interest and goals as us. With our readers base increasing every month it becomes necessary for us to get their feedback and also have an avenue to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Our readers can reach us using the below contact form and share with us their view on the content on our website. You can also share your experiences or advertise your business on our website through the same contact.

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Spread life experiences

Our website deals with real people and not computer generated articles to boost our google ranking. We allow people who we share interest and goals to post their real life experiences on our website. Your experience is priceless because it will help better the lives of someone who is in the same position as you were in. You are giving people blueprints on ways to overcome the challenges we face in our daily life, but we are too shy to ask.

You become part of a larger community

Craft Cravings is not about the Fishers telling the world what they are made of. It is a community of people from all over the world facing different challenges in life. It is a place that we come together to share our experiences and provide solutions. You will get great business minds with awesome advice on your startup business. You will get parents with adolescent kids that will provide an insight of how to handle the transitions in your child’s life.

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People with start-up business need to survive and develop in a competitive market. One of the best ways of advertising your business is using the online platform. Craft Cravings opens up your business to potential 13,000 unique clients every month. This gives you a chance to survive in the demanding market and also help you grow your business. Growing your business can also include submitting guest posts or even writing for us! if you are interested in something on the lines of a guest post or writing for us, please get in touch. You can also visit our submit a guest post page to find out more information.

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