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Where can I use decorative glass in my new home?

With the current housing crisis in the UK, many would-be first time buyers are becoming first time builders, and are looking into the different options when it comes to building your own home in 2019. Continue Reading ›
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5 Easy Hacks To Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Moving is a long-term process. After scouting through several movers and deciding which moving company to hire, you need to work on making your house feel like home. You need to make sure that your entire family will be comfortable in your new house – and renovating your kitchen can be a great start to […] Continue Reading ›
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7 Things You Should Look Out for When Choosing an Assisted Living Nursing Home

If you have a loved one who has reached a stage in their life where they are struggling to cope with typical daily activities on their own such as cooking and washing, it might be the time to consider getting them the help they need to stay safe and enjoy a good standard of living. Continue Reading ›
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What are timber mouldings and what time should be used

Timber mouldings or profiling refers to the lengths of wood which are made to cover transitional spaces between two surfaces. Timber mouldings help provide a clean, finished look while also protecting the join from dust and dirt. Continue Reading ›
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4 Ways You Can Turn Your House into a Beautiful Home

Moving into a new house is thrilling, but it just won’t feel like home in the beginning. A new home can be a chance for new beginnings, but it may take some work to get it to feel like home. If you want to make the house a beautiful home you’re going to love living […] Continue Reading ›
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What Housing Options Do You Have for Elderly Loved Ones?

As seniors age, they may reach a point where it’s no longer practical or perhaps no longer safe to live at home. For example, stairs may become hard to navigate, a tub and shower may become difficult to use, and the daily chores of keeping up home may simply become too much. Fortunately, there are […] Continue Reading ›
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Why You Should Have an Electric Fire in Your Home?

There is nothing cozier than a warm fireplace on a cold evening. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces are not always available for every space. Thankfully, there are electronic versions that look and feel just like the real thing. Having one of these installed offers many benefits without some of the risks of a traditional fireplace.  Continue Reading ›
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4 Tips to Keep a Bathroom Clean Longer

Most people underestimate the amount of work that goes into owning a home. Without the right amount of maintenance and cleaning, a home will fall into a state of disrepair. For most homeowners, finding time to thoroughly clean their residence is challenging. Continue Reading ›
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8 Types of Alternative Seating to Bring Your Home to Life

Picking out the chairs in your home can seem like just another trip to the furniture store, but in reality, it’s much more than that. Your choice in seating has the power to completely transform the feel of a room. Instead of settling on a set of conventionally styled chairs, consider going for a more […] Continue Reading ›
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How to Set Up the Perfect Comfortable Space in Your Home You’ll Never Want to Leave

Making your house feel like a home takes a little bit of creativity. There are things to be improved, furniture to be moved and decisions to make about design. Whatever your decision, there is at least one room in your home that will benefit from an alternative to Lovesac. It’s been a long time coming, […] Continue Reading ›