Craft Cravings started a couple of years ago, and the site’s growth rate is tremendous. When I first created the website, it was to share my handmade craft, experience as a mother and wife. Within a short period, my readers also wanted to share their stories, and some had questions that I could not answer. Other readers with the experience that I did not have could respond to questions, and slowly we grew into a family. Today we are a large community that receives over 13,000 unique visitors every month.

As our readers shared their experiences, some of them needed items, and they were referred to where they could buy these items. However, some people were not comfortable with the referrals to sites they are not familiar with, and that’s how we created space for advertising on our website. People trust that the ads on our site are authentic because we take the initiative to see the authenticity of the ads before posting them. It was also a way to help people with families increase their market demand and provide a better life for their families.

Sometimes the dynamics of business and advertising can be complex. Business people want reputable sites to do their bidding, and most of the time we got questions like why should I buy an ad space on your site? Here are some of the reasons why you need Craft Cravings as your partner in the advertising section:

We expand your market reach

Craft Cravings is an interactive website, and we keep our readers engaged with a broad range of relevant topics. Most of our topics tackle challenges that people face on their daily basis. It has enabled us to retain our readers and also bring in a good number of unique visitors every month. Although the number of unique visitors on our website stands at 13,000 in a month, the number is projected to go higher because we have more authors on our website and our google ranking has increased.

The possibility of sharing this success with us lays on you having your ads space. You get all the traffic streaming in the website viewing your ads. This increases your chances of getting more clients for your business and also maintaining the old ones.

It is cheap

We aim to help people better their lives so that their families can have a happy and healthy life. This is the reason why our rates are cheap compared to other sites that have similar traffic on their sites. Online marketing has proven to be the cheapest and best way to conquer new markets. Our website is universal, and we offer you a worldwide audience at no extra cost.

Straightforward and quick process

The reason why most businesses are reluctant with purchasing ads space in most reputable sites is the lengthy technical process to get your ads running. Time is a luxury that most businesses do not have, and that’s why we do all the technical stuff for you. Our vetting process to ensure the authenticity of the ads are simple and the entire process is done promptly to ensure your ads are up and running in the shortest time possible.

It also becomes easy for you to know what your consumers think about your products because of the high interaction rate on our site. You can inform your previous clients of the changes or new products that you are releasing to the market. We make this possible by maintaining a high level of relevance with the posts that we put on our site.

In case you have any questions or you need clarification on how to advertise on our blog, you can contact us using the form below, and we will promptly respond. Make your business part of the Craft Cravings community.