We welcome our esteemed readers to CraftCravings.com. As you tour our site, we hope that you gather information that will help you both as an individual and as a family. The principles that govern us is family and also business because at the end of the day you need resources to make ends meet for your family. The genesis of Craft Cravings is an interesting one but for you to understand it let me first introduce you to the Fishers.

Our Family

It's meMy name is Brenda Fisher, and I am a businesswoman who owns a small network of boutique decor for the home. I live in Portland, Oregon together with my loving husband William Fisher and our beautiful daughter Alice Fisher. My hobby is crafting, and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. My family has been supportive throughout the road, and they help me with my projects each time they get an opportunity. Although I draw my inspiration from Mother Nature, my family has been the primary source of my inspiration.

I met William when we were in college but started out as friends. As we learned more about each other, I found that we had so much in common. Everyone around us could see that we were in love because we used to glow around each other but we did not want to admit it. We later got married and got our beautiful baby girl, Alice. They have been a real blessing in my life.

As young parents, it becomes a challenge to balance everything in our lives. As we did a comprehensive consultation, we found that most parents have a challenge between juggling work, family, social lives, and hobbies. It gave us a new insight of life and when we finally found the equilibrium in successfully handling everything we decided to share with the world. This is how Craft Cravings was conceived.


The idea behind Craft Cravings started a few years ago after we saw what many busy parents go through. The site aims to help all parents find the balance they need in life. The struggle that comes with trying to balance work/employment, family, social life, and also get time for yourself can be overwhelming. I started the blog to share my experiences and passion for crafting, how to balance your hobbies with other things in life, and also how to be a mother and caring wife.

Me_n_WilliamIn the blog, we write anything that targets parenting and challenges that come with various aspects of parenting, and we also write about anything that directly influences family and relationship such as business and diet. We aim to open up a whole new dimension in family and relationships to help our readers.

Our children are quickly growing up in the digital age. The technology is good, but it has its share of negative impact on family and the bond that we used to share. Our children spend more time with their video games and parents pursuing their careers which weaken our bond as a family. Crafting is a creative way to incorporate the play, creativity, and also strengthen the bond during the process of the family engaging in it together. In the blog, you will find some of my craft work in various styles such as contemporary, classic, and a blend from both eras that you can do at home. Most of my craft projects are handmade.

Online Presence

Also over the years, I have seen the need to help start-up business create strong roots; I know how hard it is for small businesses to thrive in this competitive market. Our site gives start-up businesses a chance to market and advertise themselves to the numerous visitors that visit our site every month. Our happy familyOur website has grown into a community that will help you not only get the insights in parenting, family, and relationship but will also elevate your business through increasing its online visibility.

As a community we treasure family, but there are challenges that sometimes we have not foreseen. We open up to parents and even other stakeholders who share the same beliefs as us to share with us their experiences and professional advice. It will help us to develop both as individuals and as Craft Cravings Community.