4 Crafts You Should Consider This Year

Crafting is something that can bring all sorts of benefits to your life.  From being a healthy way to pass the time, to even being something you can make a living off of, crafting is something anyone should try. However, figuring out what it is that you want to do maybe overwhelming. With so many different crafts out there, you may not be sure which one to choose.

To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, here are some of the simplest crafts you should consider trying that you may just learn to love.


If you appreciate a beautiful vase, then why not make one yourself? Pottery is incredibly fun and very creative not to mention it can make a wonderful gift for people you love. You can start with a simple vase, and move on to more complicated projects which require more skill and practice. 

Pottery can also go hand in hand with painting since you can paint your creations as you see fit. Whether you decide to give pottery a try at home, or take a pottery class, you’ll find it can be one of the most satisfying crafts out there.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is fun since there are so many different types of jewelry you can make.  From making rings, to necklaces, to bracelets, you can try out all sorts of different accessories and the best part is you can wear them outside of the house! 

Initially, you may choose to keep it simple with simple beading projects, however, as you become more advanced you may choose to start creating jewelry that has precious stones, and even real gold and silver.


Painting is one of those crafts that has plenty of potential. It’s incredibly popular because of its simplicity. Whether you choose to paint on paper, or invest in an easel and canvas, painting is incredibly diverse, and a fun way to pass the time. There are many different kinds of paints available, as well as brushes. 

You may find that you enjoy one type of painting to another depending on your personal tastes. Many people find that acrylic paint is great to start with since you can easily paint over your mistakes. Whereas oil is considered more advanced since it takes quite a while to dry.


Candlemaking is a fantastic craft and can be experimented with in all sorts of different ways. From different scents to colors to textures, there’s no rules when it comes to the sorts of candles you create. Whether you want to keep all your candles for yourself to create a soothing environment at home, or you want to give gifts to your loved ones, candles can be the perfect choice for a craft!