5 Incredible DIY Card Theme Ideas

When it comes to birthdays, a lot of people prefer cards to gifts. Cards are a fantastic way of sending a message of congratulations, or letting someone know you are happy for them. Handmade DIY cards are even more popular as they carry a unique, personalised touch to them and also appear more thoughtful. 

When it comes to themes, there are a variety of options that are available to you. From pet themed cards to illustrated ones, we can help you choose the best themes for your DIY cards. 

Let’s take a look!

5 DIY Card Theme Ideas

1. Pet Theme Cards

Pet cards are the most popular in the DIY community, and that is because everyone loves pets. If your friend has a pet, they are sure to love a pet themed card. 

Pet cards can be as unique and personalised as you want them to be. For example, if your friend has a pet dog, you can make a “pull my tongue for a message” card or go for a caricature image of them with their dog. Some people also go for comic effects and come up with incredible and unique comics with pets. 

A cat lover may enjoy a simple card with a cat pun like “Happy Purrday” or “Meowy Christmas”. Pet themed pop up cards also make for a great option and can turn out to be a fun DIY project as well.

2. Washi Tape Theme Cards

Have you ever been in a situation where you forget a birthday or an important event and have to come up with something last minute? Well, we’ve all been there and we know it’s not pretty. 

However, washi tape themed cards are perfect for those situations where you have nothing planned and need a great card last minute. All you have to do is pick up some pretty white embossed paper and a few rolls of washi tape.

You can make balloons, cakes, gifts, christmas trees and other great designs with washi tape. If you want to stay on the minimal side, you could simply choose to border your card with a minimal washi tape. Do not forget to put in a sweet message for your friend. 

3. Floral Theme Cards

If you are looking for elegance and a subtle sense of style in your cards, you should go for a floral theme. Floral theme cards usually involve intricate, floral patterns that are put together to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the card.

You could use paper to cut out beautiful flowers or use printable cutouts of flowers and other pretty designs. They can then be compiled in a pretty card to make a beautiful bouquet. 

Floral name cards are also earning a lot of fame for their simplicity and elegance. Choose a pale pastel background and then put up a card of cutout floral designs with your friend’s name in the centre. Make sure you choose a simple, cursive font to add to the aesthetics of the card.

4. Birthday Tassels Theme Cards

Tassels are the traditional symbol of celebration, which is why, including them in your DIY card can turn out to be perfect. 

Making birthday tassels is quite simple. Cut up long strips of colourful tissue paper and fold them in half to create a tassel, then tie the top part of the tassel with a colourful string or ribbon. 

You can punch a hole in the top corner of your card and attach the tassel with a string for a simple look. However, if you want to go all out, you can attach multiple tassels as well. 

5. Illustrated Cards

If you’re the artsy type, you will definitely like an illustrated DIY card. Illustrated cards are unique and personalised, which is why they are more memorable than others. 

While there are many websites available online that can make illustrations out of photos, you could also choose to create your own illustration based on anything your friend likes. Your card can include an illustrated picture of you with your friend or even your favourite music band.

These cards give you a lot of creative freedom with what you want to include in them. They are also easily made online and can be printed out. You could add a message or a short poem to seal the deal and make it the best card they will receive. 

In Conclusion

Sending someone a card is a beautiful way of supporting or celebrating with them. What makes DIY cards so special is that they are handmade and personalised, which makes it all the more special.

When it comes to choosing a theme, make sure you pick one that is fun for you, because it’s just as important to enjoy the DIY card making process, and we can guarantee that your friend will love it.