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5 Great Businesses Born From Coworking Spaces

Singapore’s coworking space landscape has experienced a surge in the number of offices that have been made available for professionals. Not only has the business landscape seen a surge, but the types of spaces available has increasingly become diverse. In past days, businesses might only find general spaces that offer Wi-Fi, coffee, and maybe a café, but today, coworking spaces are providing businesses with the full range of amenities that reflect a focus on the work/life balance.

Go to a coworking space website link, and see the numerous spaces that comprise the Singapore landscape. Peruse the space’s site to see the various amenities that are available, and while it might seem as though these spaces are beginning to resemble ones of leisure, many a great business have gotten their start in this same place. The coworking space does have a fun, energetic vibe to it, but at the core of this energy is the soul of modern business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the great industries that have gotten their start with coworking spaces in Singapore.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of those careers that flourish in this environment. Many of the people who choose this career path as a self-employed person or even as a business owner end up in the coworking space. The space provides them with the freedom to work and connect with others in their field. More importantly, this creative space is a platform for building relationships.


The coworking space originally got its start when programmers looking for a space to work away from home conjured up a space that would be workspace but also allowed professionals to collaborate. Since this time, technology has made the coworking space a second home. In some places, there are coworking spaces wholly devoted to the tech start-up, and in these places, tech companies can get their traction in a field of competitors.

Social Media 

Social media is another industry that has gotten its start in the coworking space. At least two of the major social media giants started in the coworking space. Time Bop and Instagram are popular social media sites that allow consumers to create profiles, and they both began in separate coworking spaces fleshing out their ideas for making their perspective on social media work. Interestingly enough, the platform from which these successful ideas were launched is similar to the free-thinking, creative atmosphere in which the company was developed.


Then, a number of retail establishments have found the space to be a very productive place to work as well. Retail is one of Singapore’s major industries, so naturally, the industry would fit in with other businesses. Up and coming designer Mashizan Masjum’s Mashizan’s Designs has done very well from a coworking platform. Masjum mentions being able to connect with others who specialise in PR and marketing a great opportunity, and there are other retail businesses that have benefitted from the coworking space too.


Finally, those who do the business of financing also have found the coworking space a haven for business as well. The crowdfunding site IndieGoGo started in the coworking space, which cannot be a better place to find customers. The coworking space with its free-thinking, entrepreneurial mission makes a great place for professionals who specialise in financing.

From Coworking Spaces To Big Places

The coworking space can clear a way for businesses looking for a pathway to greatness. Within its offices, businesses can find the resources they need, both people and information. While any business can be successful in this landscape, the above are not only some of the more popular businesses that use the coworking space, but they also are representative of the creativity and innovation that drives and defines each coworking space.