Running a Business

4 Tips for Starting Your Own At-Home Nail Salon

Over the last five years, the popularity of nails has been on the rise. People are looking for gorgeous nails with a unique twist for a reasonable price. And if you can play your cards right, you have an excellent opportunity to make money doing nails. 

The best part about doing nails is that it’s a business you can run entirely from your home. All you need is a table, some lighting, and the right tools. If you’re ready to start a nail salon in the comfort of your own home, then here are some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Get Training

There are all sorts of videos out there on YouTube as well as blogs that offer advice on how to do nails. However, it can’t be stressed enough how important proper training is. Proper training will teach you hands-on techniques that you can’t possibly learn from a live video. Not to mention, you’ll be able to ask questions in real-time from your instructor. 

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of proper training is hygiene. Nail salons are breeding grounds for infections and fungus transfer. So, getting properly trained can help you avoid putting your clients in danger, or worse, getting fined for lack of hygienic practices.

Get Quality Supplies

Before you start accepting clients, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right supplies and equipment. Instead of buying the cheapest materials on the market to save money, you should invest in high-quality materials that will yield the best possible results. 

Not only are high-quality materials much easier to work with, but they’ll stay on your clients’ hands for much longer. Get to know the best quality brands, and remember that paying a little extra is always worth it when it comes to the quality of your services.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the beginning stages of your nail tech career, you’ll need to practice as much as possible. What many nail techs do in the beginning is offer to practice on their friends and family for the price of the materials alone. That way, there’s less pressure on your shoulders to do a perfect job. The more you can practice, the more confident you’ll be when you have paying customers coming to see you.

Market Yourself

Once you feel ready to start accepting real clients, it’s time to start marketing yourself. You can do this by putting an ad in local news publications and advertising your services on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Make sure that you add plenty of photographs of your work, as well as a price list. Remember, not everyone understands nail service jargon, so make sure that you put easy-to-understand explanations under each service listed. Above all, you should make sure that you mention your nail studio is in your own home. Some people may prefer to go to an actual salon, so it’s best to let them know they’ll be visiting your actual home instead of a nail salon.