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Can You Trust Reviews Published on Social Media Platforms?

There is an inherent risk with any customer service issue, whether it’s resolving a problem at your local Starbucks or dealing with a business on social media. Whether the service is bad or bad enough to lead to a negative customer review, it can happen.

The online reputation management (ORM) company Cimpress found that 29% of consumers believe they have a negative image of companies that have negative social media posts. Unfortunately, a bad online social media post can even lead to a negative social media review.

As is the case with most complaints, it’s not the general public who provide the majority of the social media reviews for a company. It’s businesses’ own customers who provide negative reviews on a business’ social media profiles.

This can highly affect the company’s progress, especially when social media could be part of your digital marketing strategy. You may have to ensure that you reduce negative reviews on social platforms. You can employ additional resources (which you can find on websites similar to that could help you manage the business reputation while dealing with negative feedback. A marketing and advertising company could be beneficial for the business advancement.

As for the social media review, are you allowed to call it a bad review, or should you leave it as the social media user sees it?

When it comes to social media reviews, it’s sometimes hard to know where the line is. But if it’s bad enough for a customer to complain, it probably has to be bad enough for a business to call it a bad review.

Companies should review any online comments from customers, whether it’s negative or positive, to keep a better perspective. A negative comment does not necessarily mean a bad product or a bad company. In fact, it’s very easy to find a number of positive online reviews for a business or a product. Negative reviews, unfortunately, are more common and can also be devastating to a business.

In order to avoid a bad social media review and a negative customer service experience, it’s important to engage an online reputation management agency that can handle your business’s online presence and let social media users know about your company’s overall customer service goals.

Moreover, you can share the videos on good customer reviews to capture the interest of potential customers through social media. Creating social engagement (you may get followers, views, and likes here) can help you to generate new leads on platforms like Facebook and TikTok since your business can be suggested and publicized to the wider public.

Social Media Reviews Are Useful to Answer

Did you know that you can even make your social media reviews useful to answer questions that customers may have about your business or product?

Adding a customer-related question in your company’s reviews should be encouraged by the social media company that hosts your company’s profile. A customer may find a question to answer in the review section and the response will be posted to your company’s profile in response.

This, of course, has the potential to create a positive online review, showing that your business is a dedicated supporter of the customer, as it offers a quick way to provide a company-related answer.

This method will also likely encourage social media users to share that response, creating a nice sharing opportunity for your company on social media. It’s a win-win situation and you should take advantage of it.

Aside from answering the customer’s question in the social media review, you can also include a brief description of what the business did and why it did it. If it’s a good thing, leave it in the review and encourage others to share that good action.

Social media reviews can boost brand awareness, but if for instance someone posts a review about a new casino they’ve tried out, you best believe they’re sincere about their experience if they’re posting that review to their social media page.