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Android Or iOS: Which Is Better If You Like Mobile Games?

A single smartphone or tablet can give you quick and easy access to thousands of mobile-friendly casinos and a huge number of games. If games are your first thought with a phone, you may want to click this to learn more as well as see what else your smartphone can do for your needs. For many people, gambling is a fun, entertaining and potentially rewarding hobby that they practise from time to time. With mobiles, you can take the casino games with you and gamble just about any place you go, so long as your device has a steady internet connection. The two major operating systems that support mobile gambling are Android and iOS. In this post, we’ll have a look to see if one of these systems is better than the other.

Android vs iOS For Mobile Games

Most mobile phones run on Android or iOS. These two are the most popular mobile operating systems by far and together make up most of the market. Android is the most widely used of the two, commanding roughly three quarters of the smartphone market. For tablets, however, it’s iOS that’s the top operating system, with just over half of tablets in existence using it.

Android is used by many different mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung and Xiaomi, Huawei and Motorola, to name a few. iOS, on the other, is used exclusively by Apple and is integrated into the brand’s iPhone and iTablet products.

When it comes to playing games, the differences between the two operating systems aren’t really that great. Many people could play games on both systems and notice few, if any, major features that set one apart from the other. What seems to matter the most is the device you’re accessing casino games, not necessarily the operating system your device is running on. If you compare a brand-new smartphone to one released several years, you should find that games run better on the newer one – regardless of operating system.

If you’re thinking about user experience, iOS is generally seen as the better option. Apple’s devices are designed with things such as simplicity and easy navigation in mind. Additionally, Apple tends to focus a lot on after-sales service. So even if you face any malfunction in your iPhone, which is considered to be rare, you can easily find an iPhone Repair outlet where the experts can fix your phone. With Android devices, the user experience is still good and there tend to be more customization features available as well. Both Android and iOS are well-rated for their devices’ performance standards and there’s not much to differentiate them.

Many players enjoy playing the newest online casino games as soon as they’re released. They use bonuses given to them by casinos to play these games for free and try them out without paying. Apple devices usually receive new releases first; it can take a bit longer for the most recently released games to make their way onto Android devices.


As you can see, both Android and iOS have their advantages. Go for either one and you should have a reliable and enjoyable mobile gambling experience. You may come to prefer one or the other, or you may find both equally suitable. Many people have been using one particular system and will stick to that simply because they’re accustomed to it and how it works. Ultimately, it’s a matter of whatever works for you. If your current device runs games to a high standard, you’re probably better off sticking with it instead of investing in a new one.