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How To Look After Yourself When You’ve Just Had A Baby

Having a new baby is a feeling that can’t compare to anything. However, having a baby is not just rainbows and butterflies; it’s full of hardships as well. When you have a new baby, you will have to make extreme changes in your life, and these changes can come as a bit of a shock. […] Continue Reading ›

Three Tips for Traveling with Small Children

Travelling with children can be a daunting task. We’ve all been on planes where some poor parent is desperately trying to calm a screaming child while the rest of the plane becomes increasingly annoyed. Experiences like this are enough for new parents to begin researching companies like that specialize in private flights just so […] Continue Reading ›

Ryanair: Toddlers wheeling on own bags to beat luggage limits

Ryanair has accused holidaymakers of giving their toddlers suitcases to wheel on to planes to get around hand baggage limits. Continue Reading ›
Kids and Teens

The hotel for teens

A Greek resort has found a novel way to keep older kids happy: it’s banned under-12s. Our writer and his family act like grown-ups Continue Reading ›

Backlash over ‘self-rescue’ swimming classes for toddlers

Swim survival lessons in which toddlers and babies are dropped into the water have been criticised by experts as “harmful” and “distressing”. Continue Reading ›

Time for all schools to join the breakfast club

The schemes boost health and learning for little cost — but they should be free for every child Continue Reading ›

Feeding bacteria to babies ‘cuts risk of sepsis by 40%’

Feeding newborn babies probiotic bacteria reduces their chances of getting sepsis by 40 per cent, a study has found. Continue Reading ›

The revolutionary new way for kids to eat their greens

Childhood obesity and diabetes seem on an unstoppable rise, but can a new way of teaching children about food make all the difference? Continue Reading ›

Doctors attack ‘needless’ baby tongue surgery

Newborn babies are having surgery unnecessarily for tongue-tie in an attempt to help breastfeeding, in what a leading paediatrician says is a “growing industry”. Continue Reading ›

Pollution ‘nearly as bad as smoking’ during pregnancy

Scots findings drive call to speed up fumes ban. Continue Reading ›