How To Look After Yourself When You’ve Just Had A Baby

Having a new baby is a feeling that can’t compare to anything. However, having a baby is not just rainbows and butterflies; it’s full of hardships as well. When you have a new baby, you will have to make extreme changes in your life, and these changes can come as a bit of a shock. You would need to give up most of your habits. You’d also have less time for yourself, and you would have more responsibilities. However, you still should take care of yourself. And like your friends, we will teach you how to look after yourself when you’ve just had a baby.

  1. Take a rest

The first few months after the baby comes home can be exhausting for a new mom and dad. And no one can ever prepare you for this. However, you should remember to rest so that you can stock up on your energy.

You can:

  • Take turns with your partner

You and your partner should take turns in waking up when the baby cries at night.

  • Nap as much as you can

You should take a nap every time your baby is asleep.

  • Ask for help if you can

If you have any friends or family that’s willing to look after your baby for a day, grab the opportunity. This could be a chance to spend some alone time with your partner.

  • Hire people

If your budget allows it, hire people to do the cleaning for you so that you can focus your energy on the baby.

  1. Do exercise

You may have gained some weight during the pregnancy, and this is easily understandable. This is why after you gave birth, you should exercise. Exercising is not only beneficial for your physical being, but also for your mental health as well. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which can trigger the positive and energizing feeling.

Exercises you could do with your baby:

  • Dancing

You can bust out some moves while holding or strapping your baby to a carrier. This way you can still keep your baby close to you.

  • Curl-ups

Lie face up on the floor, knees bent, and place your baby on top of your tummy. You can lift your head and shoulders up and lie back down. Do 15 reps.

  • Reverse curls

Lie face up on the floor, bend your knees and place your baby on top of your shins. Bring your knees to your chest and bring it back to former position. Repeat for 15 times.

  1. Eat healthily and adequately

Having a new baby can be very tiring, and you may have gained pregnancy pounds. With all the exhaustion that you’re feeling, you may forget to eat or want to eat all the time. However, you should still watch out for your diet.

Some food you can eat:

  • Salmon

Salmon is full of fat called DHA, which is essential for the development of your baby.

  • Low-fat dairy products

Milk products contain vitamin D, protein, calcium and B vitamins.

  • Brown rice

Brown rice can provide you your most needed calories, which will give you the energy you need.

  • Whole-grain cereal

Most cereals are fortified with the nutrients and vitamins that are essential in meeting your daily needs.

  1. Look out for yourself and your partner

Some parents experience postnatal depression after they have a baby. This is why you should look after yourself or your partner as it can affect males or females.

Some symptoms of postnatal depression:

  • Low sex drive

A constant lack of interest in sex, which could lead you to using somewhere like this escort düsseldorf service to get sexual pleasure without having to partake in it physically yourself.

  • Loss of appetite

Not wanting to eat, unintentionally losing weight, and always not feeling hungry.

  • Low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence

How you feel about yourself and others has been affected.

  1. Learn to say no

It’s unavoidable at times that you’d have people coming over to see your new baby. However, this can be a tiring affair. So, you need to learn that you don’t always need to entertain visitors and not feel sorry about it.

You can try:

  • Have a gathering

Instead of having people constantly over at your home, gather all of them at once. This would make the introduction of your baby a one-time event.

  • Go to other people’s home instead

This will not only let you have a change of scenery but will also allow you escape preparing and cleaning up when you have people over.

  • Eat out

Spend a little amount of money and eat with your friends and family; which will let you eat great food and bond with people without the hassle.

Having a new baby can be tiring. You’d have less sleep, may end up looking like a zombie, and will feel like you won’t have time for yourself anymore. However, if you follow these Dolman Law Group tips above and find more ways to care for yourself while still caring for your child; having a new baby will not only be an event you’ll love but the following months and years will be enjoyable as well!

Dianna Charles

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