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Your Perfect Space: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help You Redesign and Style Your Garden

Over time, gardens can begin to look a little boring. Maybe your plants have seen better days or your fencing needs to be spruced up. Even a rundown patio can have an impact on the overall look of your garden. Even if a professional got your outdoor space started, you don’t need a big budget to redesign it. Research patio ideas on a budget then get down to restyling and modernizing your garden. Here are some things you may want to consider.

Use plastic containers as flower pots

New pots of flowering plants can definitely give your garden a fresh, vibrant look. You likely have plastic containers around the house that you no longer use. Some may be beautiful in their own right while others just need a touch of paint. You can even cut the top off plastic bottles and use those for a minimalist vibe. Shop your container stash and you’ll probably find some perfect containers.

Create a small vegetable garden

Gardens can be functional as well as beautiful. If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, devote a section of your outdoor space to edible crops, if you can manage a few recycled containers and adhesive glues (find out here). Growing what you eat also helps you to reduce your food bill so you kill two birds with one stone.

Give your fence and furniture a paint job

Faded, flaking or peeling paint can make your garden area look less than attractive. Go to the hardware store and purchase an eye-catching color. If you time your spruce-up with a sale or you have a coupon, and you do the painting yourself, you won’t spend much. Choose a monochromatic look for an instant aesthetic boost.

Plant flowering perennials

These plants are popular for several reasons including the variety of species available. Flowering perennials produce blooms in a variety of colors, they’re low-maintenance and they’re pretty rugged. They’ll regrow annually without you having to do too much. Moreover, if you divide them from time to time, you’ll never run out of plants. You can even trade your peonies with a neighbor who has daylilies and introduce some new varieties to your outdoor space. Or if you’re thinking of buying perennial plants, take a look at e-stores like Woolmans.

Make your own stepping stones

Stepping stones can add a fun element to your garden so don’t overlook them. When you’re looking to upgrade your green space without spending too much, you can really let your creativity out. Buy stepping stones molds at the craft store or make your own using virtually anything which has a shape you like. You can also use a variety of materials for embellishments including dried flowers, plants, sea glass, bits of broken pottery or anything else you have lying around. You can also get your children involved in making stepping stones.

If your garden is in clear need of an overhaul, don’t think you need to spend hundreds of dollars. Recycling and reusing what you already have and purchasing supplies when they are discounted can go a long way. If you grow food crops, you can save some extra cash and possibly even make some money. All you need to do is put your creativity to work.