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You Need This More Than Anything Else: 5 Reasons Why a Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella Will Be Your Perfect Match

Our gardens are easily one of the most blissful and humbling areas of our homes. So many of us turn our gardens into our pride and joy, adding things like decking from one of the deck companies near me, as well as plants, furniture, and a whole host of other features to create a place the whole family can enjoy and one where many of our most treasured memories are made.

There’s no better time to enjoy this sanctuary than in the summer, but when the sun is beaming down in full force, it can be easy to feel like it’s too much. Nevertheless, there’s a way to enjoy the best of both worlds by simply investing in an outdoor umbrella for added shade and comfort.

Today, we’re going to explore five of the key things you need to know when choosing the Cantilever outdoor umbrella, so you know you’re choosing the one that’s right for you.

#1 – Is an Umbrella Right for You?

The first thing you’ll want to think about is whether an outdoor umbrella is actually right for you. To do this, simply look out in your garden and access the situation. Is your garden big enough for an umbrella, or will it simply get in the way?

Also, think about whereabouts you’re going to position your umbrella. For example, are you going to be covering and providing shade to a patio table? If so, measure it so you can get an idea for the sort of size you need.

#2 – Choosing the Right Size

Hand in hand with the consideration above, it’s important to think about the size you need to make sure you get the right one that’s not too big and not too small. Here’s a guide to get you started;

  • Small table (30-36 inches) – 6-8ft umbrella
  • Medium table (38-48 inches) – 9-11ft umbrella
  • Large table (54-60 inches) – 11ft+ umbrella

#3 – Is a Cantilever Right for Me?

While an umbrella might seem like just an umbrella, there are plenty of different types out there to choose from. These include sunshades which are typically suitable for one person, a Pagoda which is an Asian-styled parasol, or a logo umbrella, which is simply an umbrella with a brand on it, as well as a few others.

A Cantilever umbrella is one that isn’t typically suited for going in the hole in your patio table, but rather has its own base and pole so you can position it wherever you want, whether that’s next to your table, or anywhere you may be sitting in your garden. A cantilever is definitely the best option for freedom of placement.

#4 – Picking the Right Materials

There are lots of different materials that Cantilever umbrellas can be made out of, so you’ll want to pick the one that’s right for you. For example, a wooden umbrella can be long-lasting, but it’s also typically more expensive and much heavier.

On the other hand, a fibreglass umbrella is much lighter and much more affordable, so think about how much you’ll want to move it around, and how much you want to spend.

#5 – Budget

Compared to market umbrellas and logo umbrellas, Cantilever umbrellas tend to be towards to the more affordable end of the market because of their lightweight materials, ease of use, and simple functionality. If you’re looking for a quick and easy shade fix for your garden, a cantilever should be near the top of your list.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a cantilever umbrella could be right for you. With so many benefits it can bring into your life, it’s time to get out there and start thinking about which one you want to bring a new lease of life to your garden!