What Makes a Great Church Community You Want to Be a Part Of?

The attributes of a church community are an important consideration when deciding on attendance and membership. The right church community will embrace individuals into their fold and make them feel at home. Knowing what makes a great church community helps you to make the right choices when searching for a church to call home.

Why Is Church Community So Important?

While the pastor of this place of worship is an important factor, the church community as a whole is even more essential. After all, if the church community does not make you feel welcome, attendance is futile.

When church attendance begins to falter, it is often because people do not feel welcome. The Bible clearly instructs Christians to love and encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ. If a church community does not make you feel loved and accepted, this is probably not the place for worship.

What Makes a Great Church Community?

There are many factors that make a church community beneficial for its members. When searching for the right church to meet your needs, considering the community helps to make the decision process much easier.

  • They are loving and welcoming. If you visit a church and no one talks to you, the community is likely, not friendly, much less loving. A loving church community is there when its fellow members need them. The love of fellow church members helps Christians through rough times in life so they can remain encouraged.
  • They use righteous judgment. Unfortunately, not all church communities practice the judgment instructions of the Bible. Although righteous judgment is certainly important, unfair judgments can cause people to walk away. How does the church community react to those who have fallen? Are they there to help pick them up or gossip about their sins?
  • Is the church community full of saved believers? Unbelievably, not all church congregations are saved. Sometimes, people attend for social reasons. To gain the most benefit from the church, it needs to be full of believers in God.
  • A great church community is one that works outside of the walls of the church. The church members should outreach and minister to people in the community. For instance, ministry leaders and volunteers alike can utilize apps like Playlister ( to teach object lessons for kids and other important teachings. This will result in both time and cost savings. Further, it is important to make sure that a kid remembers what he or she learns at church. The church is to be a beacon of hope to the lost. If no outreach is taking place, the church will become stagnant.
  • Another sign of a great congregation is they support their pastor. If the congregation is constantly complaining about their pastor and the work they are doing, this is going to be a church that will eventually fall apart.
  • The church community should be there for one another in sickness and trials. An effective church community becomes a family and they treat one another as such. Do church members visit sick members? Do they call to check up on people?

Finding the Right Church Is Important

When it comes to finding a church community to belong too, prayer is essential. Allowing God to lead you towards finding the right church to meet your needs will help in the decision process. Never rush finding a church so you can be sure the right decision is made.


No church is perfect, but the church community needs to be loving and supportive. If they do not make you feel encouraged and accepted, find another church. Becoming a part of a church community will encourage you to grow closer to God.