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Wall Décor Idea That Turn Your Home from Boring to Wall-tastic!

Even the most beautiful colors painted on the wall cannot bring life to this bland canvas you have been handed over in the house. Walls are not just for segregation of spaces- they define the character of your home, give it a much-needed facelift and help your home look more personalized and warm. The problem is, most homemakers go wrong with wall décor. They are either stuck with plain paintings hanging haphazardly or tapestries that make the home look untidy.

Is there some way in which you could make your wall décor look amazing? Of course, there is, all you have to do is follow one of the tips mentioned below.

Wall decals + frames

Decals look amazing but only for a day or two. As time passes by, your stickers will start to fade into the background. Of course, you will fall short of décor ideas at this point. To handle this situation, you need to replace flat, 2D wall decals with new frame decals. Of course, such products may not be available on the market; you just need to create them.

For example, buy a decal with a tree-shaped design. As soon as you paste it on the wall, purchase or make frames on your own. Choose either matching or contrasting colors, depending on the color scheme and design of the room. Then, put portraits of your family members there. It will make the decals look 3D and give your wall design a longer shelf life too.

Large-scale paintings

If the wall of a public room needs to be decorated with simplicity and ease, you cannot go wrong with large-scale paintings, ever. These paintings are great for reshaping the view of the room. When used in a medium-sized, open and minimalistic room, it could make the room look bigger. For very large or small rooms, you could use these paintings as focal points and design the area around it accordingly.

You don’t always have to go for elaborate oil paintings. Select a colorful abstract design or even a black-and-white family picture to get started. You can play with the texture of these large-scale frames. Simply divide a picture into several smaller frames and then place them all together on the wall to create one big picture.

Use aluminum letters

If you want to send a message, create a statement piece of craft an interesting or unique design on the wall, simply choose aluminum letters from Americansignletters. They are great for both interior and exterior wall décor. The best thing about these letters is that they are very easy to use. Just keep a design in mind, decide the size of letters you want and place them in the right place. No hassles, no headaches. The aluminum letters reflect light, make your room look brighter and give it a modern, uber-cool look that your visitors will envy.

Which of these ideas do you like the most? My personal favorite is the aluminum letter design. It is easy, rust-free and durable and never fades, physically or aesthetically. Choose your favorite and make your home wall-tastic!