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Upgrading the Interior of your House

When you look at the interior design of your average house, you see exactly that, an average house, with nothing to provide character or make it stand out in your mind’s eye. Many houses are built plainly and simply, with straight featureless walls and door openings, and no individuality at all. The good news is that it is a fairly simple matter to provide some style and elegance, which can give a room feeling and really catch the eye of anyone visiting, but more importantly help turn your house into a home.

Ornate Plastering

If you have tried visiting your high street stores looking for inspiration for decorating the walls and ceilings of your home, the chances are that you came away fairly disappointed at a lot of the cheap, mass produced offerings available, that are really not going to set your home apart from the others. There is a lot to be said about the impact that some quality plaster mouldings can bring to your home, when you find the right supplier and decorative combination. The square angle at the junction of wall and ceiling, can be elegantly transformed with some stylish cornice, whose features make plain coving look boring. If you are looking for something to transform the ceiling, you will find that ceiling rose suppliers in Glasgow offer a truly stunning array of offerings, where you can choose from the in house selection, or have something totally original tailor made for your home.

For the Walls and the Doors

In most homes a doorway is just a doorway, functional, but providing very little in way of showing any style or character. An archway, however, will be immediately spotted as being slightly different, which can be further decorated with some decorative pillars at the sides. Your doorway is now making a statement, which tells the world, and your visitors that you have style and class, but there is no reason to stop there. Walls without some form of decoration are fairly bland and boring, even if you add some vibrant colour. Before adding colours to your walls, you may want to make sure that they are free from cracks and undamaged. Still, if you will coat your walls with paints, those cracks might get bigger and the walls may look ugly. Hence, it is recommended to take the assistance of service providers that have the expertise in plaster repair. You can find a company by searching with keywords like “Beaumont Plaster Repair” or something similar based on your location. After the preparation of the wall, the addition of some ornate corbels might be a fantastic opportunity to do something unique in your home. Bas relief is available in literally millions of different designs like the Bayeux Tapestry, ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, biblical scenes, or animals, plants and flowers. Done properly, by skilled craftsmen, the effect is nothing short of stunning and is almost certainly going to be a topic of conversation when you are next entertaining friends and family for dinner.

Plaster mouldings can completely transform the interior of your home, so that entering can almost transport you back to another age, but it is important to make a selection that is going to naturally integrate with each other. A wise move would be to visit your local specialists and take a look at their range. Once you have a couple of key ideas or themes in mind, their staff will be happy to work with you, to select the right combination of roses, cornice and other decorations, which will not seem mismatched or disjointed, but bring a sense of personality and individuality, that truly creates a home.