The Bristol Arts & Culture Scene

You’ve probably heard a lot about what Bristol has to offer for the lover of the arts and culture, but what exactly is it that you can get lost in when you visit? It’s all good and well hearing about some of the popularly referenced places to visit and some of the supposedly prestigious events, but for someone who is not quite completely sold, what exactly can they expect?

Let’s get the regulars out of the way, shall we?

Bristol’s attractions transcend international borders, beyond the whole of the United Kingdom even. One of the oldest of the world’s theatres is located in this culturally rich city, but perhaps the most universally recognised attraction associated with Bristol is its iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge. You’d be hard-pressed not to find a website, postcard or guide book about Bristol that doesn’t feature the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, characteristically captured with the colourful array of hot air balloons in the backdrop.

If you’re intrigued by street art you come across all over the world, particular graffiti, Bristol is where to go to discover the back-story of the graffiti movement across the entire world! Street-art inspired apartments are available as an accommodation option as well, perhaps as an interesting alternative to other forms of short-term accommodation in more residential areas of the city, like Bristol.

You don’t have to book for a stay in just one place either, but be sure to book well in advance to get the best prices…

Right. So going beyond the popularly cited stuff, what is it exactly that will send the sceptic racing to get to Bristol the next chance they get?

Obviously, the arts and culture scene in Bristol is not for everyone, with that and pretty much all other forms of entertainment aimed at someone who seeks a little more depth to what they call entertainment and fun.

For instance, it’s pretty much a passive way to enjoy graffiti just admiring it from a distance, but in Bristol, as mentioned, you can learn about the origins of the culture behind what has become a global form of liberal arts. That’s not where it ends though, because you can get your hands dirty and join the street art sessions, spraying your very own art!

Have you ever wondered why it appears as if Instagrammers who come away from a trip to Bristol seem to have elevated their Instagram game to some previously unreached levels? It’s because they have and so can you. You can take part in a colourful photography masterclass that targets Instagram as a modern-day medium through which to show-off your soon-to-be newly acquired super photography skills.

If you want to dabble in some arts and crafts that are a bit more sophisticated than graffiti, how about some art workshops and classes at a drawing school, or perhaps participation in making a sculpture?

There’s plenty more to see and do in Bristol, but it should be clear by now that the unique experience you’ll come away with will have had you physically involved.