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Spicing up your garden and garage

When Summer rolls around and you spend more time outside, you start to notice and pick at areas of your garden and garage that just aren’t up to par. Maybe you haven’t had enough time in the spring to tend to certain areas of your garden, like perhaps you haven’t paid attention to weeds and overgrown areas that have gotten out of control; or maybe you noticed that your garage is in an outdated condition and in dire need of repairs like an overdue garage door repair to get it looking its best again. Well here are a few ideas for you to bring these parts of your house back to life.

Cleaning Up

First things first, you need to go around your garden and make sure that you have dealt with any overgrowing weeds or grass by streaming and hedge cutting. This is a daunting task, but depending on your garden size it can be relatively easy. One of the most annoying things you can find growing in your garden is brambles. Removing brambles can be incredibly difficult especially in the middle of a hedge because you need to dig out the roots, this means that you are going to have to get on your hands and knees and really climb into that bush. I tend not to use any chemical-based weedkillers as I have pets, but if you do not have pets this could also be a possibility.

When it comes to your garage, you need to first check for any necessary repairs. It can be a weak roof, or cracks in the garage doors, and can be fixed simply by hiring a professional. Look for garage door repairs in concord nc (or your respective location) and they can beautify and secure your garage perfectly for the summer. Once you have these areas tidy, it’s time to move on to making that garden look pretty.


The decoration is a very important part of your garden. Decorations can range from water features to garden Gnomes, but only you know what truly goes well with your garden because of course it’s also part of your identity. If you’re going for a rustic approach, perhaps you would want a sundial and some trellis with a creeper type of plant growing through it.

Or perhaps if you are looking for a more modern style, a deck, glass table and chair set could liven up your garden area. Additionally, you could add features like walkways, driveway, patio, fencing, etc. to provide a character to your exterior space. You can hire a construction company that may specialize in Custom Garages and gardens to assist in your projects.

Another great way to spice up your garden if you have a garden building or a garage that runs on to your garden, you could introduce a new garage door, something like a roller door which will have that more modern aesthetic look.


One of my favorite ways to improve that garden look is to incorporate lighting. There are many ways to do this, whether it be the rustic approach with tiki torches and An old school log burner, or the modern approach with colored RGB LED
strips around your decking or underneath your guttering. Either way lighting can make your garden look great. Lighting is also a great way of increasing security, security lights in vulnerable areas in your garden can scare away potential burglars.

So if you’re looking to spice up your garden hopefully I’ve given you some great ideas to work with, at the end of the day you want your garden to be part of you, so work with it and I’m sure you’ll come up with something great.