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Signs Your Chimney May Require an Urgent Service

As a homeowner, it is vital that you carry out regular maintenance work to ensure your property is kept in outstanding working order. It doesn’t just ensure longevity, it also saves you money in repair costs. For example, having your roof inspected by somewhere like this residential and commercial roofing in Denver company and having the subsequent repairs carried out will help to make sure that your home is protected in the event of a storm. As well as this, in between annual professional inspections, you should be checking your chimney to see whether it needs attention.

This article highlights some common signs to look out for when inspecting your chimney.


If you don’t have your chimney cleaned at least once a year, you’re leaving your home susceptible to fires, especially emanating from the flue. A substance known as creosote builds up over time in your flue, and if it isn’t properly cleaned and removed, it can ignite. It is a highly flammable material that could catch fire once you’ve lit your fireplace. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to have their chimneys serviced on an annual basis, leaving their property at risk. It only takes a few minutes to contact a company who provides specialist chimney work in Crawley and the surrounding area to service your premises and avoid dangerous creosote build-up.

Immoderate Levels of Smoke

If you are experiencing excessive levels of smoke when you light your fire, there could be a problem with the liner or your vent may be blocked, and it is stopping the smoke from being released. You may have to replace or repair your liner or climb out onto the roof and examine the chimney cap. Either way, it is advisable to contact a professional chimney sweep to inspect the fireplace, flue, and external components. If you don’t have safety equipment, you shouldn’t attempt to access your roof and inspect your chimney cap. It is highly dangerous and one false move could spell disaster.

Discolouration on The Walls or Ceiling

If you notice any stains on the walls or ceiling surrounding your chimney, you may want to have a specialist come and assess the area. Discolouration could mean that moisture has penetrated the chimney and is seeping into the foundations. This can compromise the structure, making it weak and vulnerable to failure. If you don’t attend to this problem immediately, the moisture will continue to penetrate the surrounding structure and cause further damage to your home. You may find that calling a trusted roofing company or a company that specialises in structural damage of the roof area could be a good idea as moisture in the area may also mean the roof of your house is structurally compromised as well.

Visually Uneven

One way of inspecting your chimney without climbing out onto the roof is to walk outside and look at it from ground level. Does the chimney seem uneven? Is it starting to resemble the leaning tower of Pisa? If so, it is time to call an expert. The bricks and mortar will eventually succumb to the elements, this means they’ll require attention to ensure they are kept sturdy and robust to reinforce the chimney’s structural integrity. Reaching out to Milwaukee Chimney Construction professionals (or ones in your vicinity) could be a good idea as they can perform a thorough inspection as well as carry out repairs (and rebuilds if necessary).

Some of the warning signs mentioned above are only a handful of things that can happen to your chimney without regular maintenance and professional annual services. It is important to identify issues before they get out of hand, it helps to protect your property from major damage and keeps occupants of your home safe.