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Prepping Your New Place In Singapore

Before you move into a new space, you always want to take the time to wipe away the remnants of the prior tenants.  Making a home your own means taking control of your property.  

Make sure your things have a safe and clean environment to call home, and take all the necessary steps to ready your new place in Singapore today.  Here is a brief look at some helpful tips to get started.  

Have your place professionally cleaned

You don’t want to have to spend the first day in your new place on your hands and knees with a scrub brush.  It’s easier to have your place professionally cleaned before your move-in date.  

After having your place professionally cleaned, you can move into the space with the peace of mind knowing that you’re only hanging out with your own germs.  

Plan the layout of your furniture

Before you get everything you own into a scene of chaos, it helps to make some plans.  Draw a simple layout of your new place, and create a bit of a tentative layout of your things.  

If you have a plan before you put all of your stuff in the home, it will be easier to distribute your belongings in a convenient space.  If you have this layout for movers, it will make their jobs easier as well.  

Hang hardware for window treatments

You can take the time to hang hardware for your window treatments before you move all the furniture into your home.  The interior design of your new place will come together quite nicely if hanging curtains is as easy as well… hanging curtains. Most people often forget about the importance of good quality Window Treatments, but it is a vital aspect that needs preparing. 

Focus more of your first evening in your new place on unpacking and organizing rather than cleaning and hammering nails into walls.  You may even get a good night’s sleep the very first night in your new place.  

Make note of any pre-existing issues

You want to do a thorough and skeptical walkthrough of your new place before moving in your things.  Most places you rent require that you pay a security deposit.  

If something is messed up when you move into a new place, you should report it immediately.  You don’t want to sacrifice your security deposit, because you didn’t take the time to notice things before you made your move.  

Label your boxes accordingly 

While you’re packing your belongings at your old place, you should make an effort to organize your things.  Take the time to label boxes as you pack your stuff, so it’s easy to know where everything goes when moving day is upon you.  Again, if you’re allowing professional movers to take care of the situation, labels make the job much easier.