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Inspiration Presented as a Complete Solution

Generally, being an artsy type person who is interested in the crafts just makes life so much more interesting. This applies to all aspects of life because your mind is always wondering about things like who came up with something particularly pleasing to the senses it’s assaulting, what they were feeling and perhaps where on earth they are at that particular moment.

That in itself inspires things like some writing which is presented with a unique perspective that’s really intriguing, but for all the good that being an artsy type comes with, sometimes it can make for a bit of an annoyance.

If you are an artist proper then it gets even worse for you because you’re kind of in work-mode each and every time you have to go through somewhat of a creative process. Something like a technical essay which is to be written can make for what would otherwise be an unnecessary source of pain, simply because your mind just doesn’t want to essentially paraphrase existing information and leave it at that. You have a natural desire to want to add a bit of feeling to it, if not some creativity which engages the imagination in some or other way.

It’s a challenge, make no mistake about it, but you have to learn to choose your battles, so to say. You’ll have to put away your mental paintbrush sometimes and try to draw the inspiration you need from a complete solution which presents the inspiration as is. There is no need to add to or take away from some of these solutions and we’ll get into some examples which cover a nice spectrum of topics.

Dressing up

More and more clothing retailers are selling complete sets of clothes which are in line with the current trends, so save yourself the hassle of having to source each piece individually to make up your outfit.

Interior decor

The same setting you spotted and loved in the show-house or pop-up in-store environment should be replicated as is for your home, at least as a start. You can make modifications later on if you really have to, otherwise I swear, you won’t get anything started by way of doing up your interior. By no means does this mean you should do a rush job or that you should go as generic as possible, but there’s a reason why certain looks are presented as the complete solutions they are.


You’ll be stuck on one thought forever if you try to think too hard about something like what to get for an anniversary gift! Rather go with a complete solution such as a nice gift basket. That’s all the inspiration you need and nothing more…

So there you have it – there are many more areas of life we could explore, but I reckon the ones covered make for the gist of what usually constitutes the daily struggle of a particularly artsy individual. Learn to accept the inspiration as it comes, in the form of a complete solution, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.