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Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

When it’s time to clean the house, what’s your go-to tool? The upright vacuum has a recognizable shape, but the canister can be a more practical design overall.

Limitations of Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums have a wide cleaning path, which will get the job done when cleaning open spaces. However, that wide base shape can make it difficult to reach narrow corners and other hard-to-reach spaces. Some upright vacuums try to compensate for this weakness by including attachable wands. These types of vacuums also tend to be heavy, which will further reduce mobility. It can be especially difficult to get an upright vacuum up a staircase.

Canister Vacuum Benefits

Canister vacuums have a suction hose that attaches to a canister. The canister holds collected debris, so you’ll need to empty it on occasion. The canister usually rolls along behind you as you go from room to room.

The shape of a canister vacuum is beneficial for functionality and ease of use. For example, the hose usually has multiple attachments to help you deal with wide areas as well as narrow corners. Because you don’t have to push the part of the device that contains the motor and debris collection unit, these also tend to be easier to move. Overall, they’re more lightweight and maneuver better than upright vacuums, especially when you only need to move the hose.

Disadvantages of Canister Vacuums

Despite all of their useful features, canister vacuums aren’t exactly perfect. They have several shortcomings. For starters, they can be harder to store and may require disassembly to fit into a closet. Additionally, because the canister is behind you, you might not immediately notice when the wheels snag on something. You might find yourself repeatedly checking to make sure the vacuum isn’t scraping the side of furniture or stuck on carpeting.

One easy way to prevent a canister vacuum from catching on the rug is to simply find a model that doesn’t rely on wheels. The ZeroG Weightless Vacuum can move without the use of standard wheels. Instead, it glides on air and has a 30-foot cord, so you’ll never have to worry about its movement being hindered. It also has automatic height adjustment, so it can tackle hardwood floor and carpets of any thickness. A twin motor system and powerbrush with multiple attachments ensure easy cleanup. The ½-gallon storage canister complements the vacuum’s high suction power.

Overall a canister vacuum has an edge over other styles of vacuum. But to maximize those benefits, rely on a model that comes with plenty of additional convenient features.