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A Casino Theme for Your Home Game Room

I’m not encouraging the exposure of growing kids to gambling culture as this can indeed be to the children’s detriment later on in their lives, but with the right guidance as they grow up and enjoy the space you’ll be creating, here are some pointers to consider if your aim is to create a casino-themed home game room:

Energy-Saving, Soft Neon Lighting

With some great options in home-friendly neon lighting props and fixtures now widely available, you can bring the whole of Las Vegas home with you without it making any notable dent on your energy bill. Get some of those energy-saving soft neon lights to turn your home game room into one worthy of any alluring casino.

Miniature Slots Machine Piggy Banks

You can actually get these at one of those resident casino props stores where they usually sell ornamental objects. Miniature slots machine piggy banks will literally make the home game room look like a real casino. P.S. the miniature slots machines are essentially piggy-banks, but they actually function like real slots machines!

A Bar Area Complete with Bar Stools

The wine fridge you should probably have installed to complete the bar-area doesn’t have to be used to exclusively store wine and other adult beverages, functioning just as well as a juice fridge. Otherwise nothing quite completes the casino look like a bar area, often synonymous with casinos proper.

A Casual Seating Area

A nice set of very comfortable sofas should be thrown into the mix as far as setting up your casino-themed home game room and they must be comfortable enough to be lazed around in for long periods of time! It should indeed be a place to relax in, even if no gaming is going to be taking place. Maybe you could even decorate the walls around the seating area, perhaps with Avengers posters on metal if you’re a fan, to give the seating area a bit of a revamp. This will give someone who isn’t gaming something to look at, and overall add great pops of colour to the area!

A Big Screen Television

Ideally you’d be screening some sporting event on which some betting would have taken place, but even if you’re perhaps not watching the football games wagered on, something like the horse racing channel adds a nice ambience to instantly transform any space earmarked for a home game room into one with a proper casino feel to it.

Internet-Connected PC

If you can connect that internet connected PC to the big screen then you have even more options available to you by way of the content which can be enjoyed by everybody who will be hanging out in your casino themed home game room, otherwise the PC itself and its connectivity to the World Wide Web means that you can visit the casino anytime you wish without having to leave the comfort of your own home. There are many options available to you online by way of betting sites and other online betting platforms, so your home based, casino themed game room can be an actual casino in this way, where real betting and winning takes place.

Non-Gambling Related Entertainment

For the sake of the entertainment of any underage kids who seek to enjoy the game room and when you’re perhaps yourself taking a break from your fun, there needs to be some kind of entertainment which is not related to gambling, like a pool table perhaps or some classic arcade games.