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8 Types of Alternative Seating to Bring Your Home to Life

Picking out the chairs in your home can seem like just another trip to the furniture store, but in reality, it’s much more than that. Your choice in seating has the power to completely transform the feel of a room. Instead of settling on a set of conventionally styled chairs, consider going for a more avant-garde option.

Switch Up Your Seating

Almost every room in a house or apartment requires some type of seating. However, don’t give sacrifice style for necessity. Get innovative with your seating by shopping or crafting with creativity in mind. Additionally, you can create outdoor sitting spaces in the backyard or patio if you have enough space. You might have to do some basic preparations, such as laying a concrete platform in the middle of the backyard (check out https://concretecontractorsphx.com/ or similar websites to get in touch with a concrete contractor), especially if you intend to design a garden living space. You can utilize it to sit and have a morning tea or have a few drinks on the weekend with friends and family while enjoying nature. As for the furniture, the following eight chairs will give your home the variety it’s been craving:

  1. Wing Chair

Though wingback chairs aren’t exactly a new trend, choosing a style as traditional as this one will give your home a completely new look. While many homeowners opt for more modern styles, the wing chair helps to shake things up and give your home a delightful balance between contemporary and traditional.

When shopping for a wing chair, you’re likely to see a variety of styles and colors. Though the build of this chair may go several generations back, you can find one that fits perfectly into your sense of style.

The wingback chair itself can be distinguished by the “wings” or side panels at the back. Originally, this design was intended to shield the sitter from any drafts inside the room, as well as from excessive heat coming off of the fireplace. Today’s wingback chairs. Offer sitters comfort as they are an ideal choice for nap lovers or anyone looking for a comfortable place to curl up with their favorite book.

  1. Tree Stump Stool

Stools are an excellent seating option for the bar, kitchen, or the patio. If you’re a fan of the “hearth and home” look, this tree stump stool idea should be spot on for you. If you have a few stumps around the house or have access to a recently uprooted one, you’ll be able to quickly transform them into stools for the home. Similarly, you can always purchase pre-made wooden stump stools online.

If you plan to make this seating alternative yourself, get your hands on an uprooted tree stump. After cleaning it and sanding it down, apply your varnish of choice. Paint the stump’s sides as you see fit and voila, you have your own tree stump stool.

  1. Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is a go-to option when you want to stretch your legs but can’t make it to your bedroom. This long chair allows you to lay out in comfort and style, all without having to leave your living room. This style of chair is made for relaxation, so keep that in mind as you pick and choose what chair will fit best with your other furniture choices.

One of the best things about a chaise is that it is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor seating. While you certainly should consider the fabric type your chaise is made with before leaving it outside, if you are a fan of having a seating option you can use both outdoors and indoors, this should be your next purchase.

  1. Drop Cloth Floor Cushion

In need of a quick seating solution that your kids can use to sprawl out on? Instead of dropping several hundred dollars on a new living room couch set, consider going the DIY route and making a drop cloth pillow seat. This seating idea is easy to make and a lot of fun to use.

With a drop cloth from any hardware store and a few pounds of stuffing, you’ll be able to put this pillow together in a few hours. While you may not consider a drop cloth to be incredibly decorative, with a bit of creativity, you can customize it to your liking.

  1. Klismos Chairs

Klismos chairs are gorgeous chairs that get their name and design from Greek history. While these chairs have a long and interesting backstory, today’s style of klismos chairs is a bit more modernized. Though traditionally made of wood, klismos chairs today are designed with leather, metal, and more.

If you’re a fan of Greek design or you just like keeping things eclectic, consider the klismos chair. While these chairs make the ideal seating option for a dining room or kitchen, their beautiful design can really work well in any room.

  1. Bean Bag

Who said bean bag chairs belong in children’s rooms and college dorms? Today’s bean bag chairs are looking quite different than their predecessors. With more modern styles and unbelievable comfort at Sumo Lounge bean bag chairs are a must for the apartment dweller or homeowner with an innovative sense of style.

While most people tend to think of bean bag furniture as a bag slouching in the corner of a room, bean bag chairs of the modern age are as high quality and high class as any other comparable seating alternative. As they come in many different colors, patterns, and fabric types, bean bag chairs are an excellent way to compliment any furnished room in your home.

  1. Club Chair

The club chair gets its name from its decorated history. This style of chair originated in gentlemen’s clubs in England in the 19th century. While these chairs aren’t often the first thing to come to a homeowner’s mind when selection seating for their homes, they are tailor-made to put relaxation first.

The defining factor for these chairs is the upholstery. This cushy chair is for the homeowner that loves their leisure time. Though the club chair can be designed with any pattern, fabric, and style, the most common choice for club chairs is leather. These chairs are often found in the basement or den, but if you’re a lover of the kitsch aesthetic, you’ll likely be able to find a home for it in any room.

  1. Wood Pallet Sofa

Wood pallet seating is the ultimate DIY option for furniture. While you may not imagine that a few wooden pallets can turn into a statement piece for your living room, that’s exactly what will happen. With a few recycled wooden pallets and a couple of power tools, you can create your own seating solutions for your home or apartment.

Your home isn’t complete without seating in which you and your guests can sit in and relax. Let these eight suggestions serve as inspiration for your future seating choices.