6 jobs you never knew were so well paid

A survey carried out towards the back end of 2017 revealed that 85 percent of people worldwide hated their jobs. That is a lot of people sat at desks or in factories wishing for something that offers far greater job satisfaction than the nine ‘til five grind that Dolly Parton made a hit record about.

Of course, for many of those dissatisfied workers, their main grumble will come down to how much money they are taking home for their hard work. If that’s you and you are thinking that only the best educated and most connected people in the country get the highly paid jobs, then think again – here are six jobs you never knew were so well paid.

Crossword Puzzle Writer

If you love completing crosswords and have always dreamed of taking part in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, then why not take those skills a step further and actually start setting crosswords? The average salary for a crossword puzzle writer is a cool $70,000 for coming up with four across and 11 down.

Disneyland Character

Forget the rides, the best part about going to Disneyland is the opportunity to meet the Disneyland Characters. No matter how old you are, a photo with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy is way better than queuing up for hours to get onto Space Mountain. If you meet strict height restrictions and are good with children, then you could actually become a Disneyland Character for over $30,000 and make the dreams of thousands of kids – and adults – come true every year.

Hollywood Stunt Double

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence? You could put that to good use by becoming their stunt double. Obviously we can’t have either of those actually getting punched in the face or throwing themselves off of buildings, so they have a stunt double to do it for them. The pay for putting your body on the line in the name of protecting theirs is a big $100,000.

HVAC Engineer

A HVAC engineer, like those from, are responsible for looking after heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. With climate change both heating up and cooling down the planet at the same time, there is an increasing demand for us to be able to control the temperature of our homes and work places to the nth degree. As a result, HVAC engineers are more in demand than ever as the average HVAC Technician Salary in California of over $60,000 shows.

Ice cream taster

Everybody loves ice cream, so imagine getting paid to eat it? That’s what an ice cream taster does, analyzing the food for taste, texture and other elements. You’ll be paid anywhere up to $60,000 for your troubles and get an unlimited supply of ice cream to boot.


Now imagine if you could replace ice cream with wine and be paid to taste that? You can do if you become a sommelier. These experts offer recommendations about which wine would be suitable with which food after tasting literally hundreds of them a year from all around the world. It pays slightly less than an ice cream taster at $51,000 but you’ll be drinking wine for a living. Heaven!