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5 Common Bathroom Problems That Need Timely Repairs

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The bathroom is the one room in the house where water is always present, and in order to prevent damage, water-related issues need to be repaired as soon as possible. Water doesn’t take long to attack timber and any leaks will quickly cause plaster to darken, which is costly to repair. While some bathroom issues might not require immediate attention, any of the following should be tackled as soon as is possible.

  1. Leaking Faucet – Even a small leak dripping on the sink will cause the ceramic finish to dull, as drips of water continuously hit the side of the sink, and if you are able to turn off the water and disassemble the tap, you should have no difficulty in finding the defective component. If you are going to fix it yourself, make sure you have all the tools you will need and make a note of the many parts that you remove. A state-of-the-art tap might have as many as 20 components, so take care, otherwise you will have to call out a local plumber, which like the team at https://www.apolloplumbing.net to come and fix the problem for you.
  1. Shower Failure – If you have a hot water heater built into your shower, should it ever malfunction, this will mean cold showers – which might be doable in the short summer, but unbearable at any other time. If the unit has seen better days, you might want consider investing in one of a range of Aqualisa showers, which are available from an online supplier. There are eco-friendly versions that use much less water and if the old one can be repaired, so much the better, yet unless it was recently purchased, perhaps now is the time to fit a power shower.
  1. Poor Ventilation – If the condensation takes a long time to go away after a hot shower, this is a sign that your bathroom ventilation is inadequate. If you have an extractor fan, check that it is working properly; it could just be dirty blades, which can be remedied with a good clean.
  1. Partially Blocked Drain – If there are strange gurgling sounds coming from the shower or sink, this could be an indication of a partial blockage in the water drain off. Small slivers of soap can easily bond with hair and this can be the start of a blocked drain. There are chemicals you can buy to clear a blocked drain, but if you would prefer something a little more eco-friendly, there are natural recipes to unclog your bathroom drain. However, if you feel that the home remedies are not effective enough to clear a clogged drain, then it could be a good idea to contact somebody who has the requisite knowledge and equipment to clear them. Take the example of skilled plumbers from Silverwater Plumbing. They happen to be quite popular among their customers because of the emergency drain clearing services they offer. Moreover, their team of experts is known to be trained in the latest techniques for clearing pipes of all kinds including bathroom sinks, blocked showers, and kitchen sinks. Armed with mobile toolkits and specialist equipment like electric eels and high-pressure jetters, they can repair and clean the most stubborn and severely clogged pipes. So, if you are interested in contacting them, then consider searching for blocked up drain in Sydney online.
  1. Low Water Pressure – Low Water Pressure can occur for a number of different reasons, with one of the main ones being that the lead pipes in your water supply (if your house was built before the 1970s) has experienced a leak or calcification. If this is the case, it may be time to look for a Lead Pipe Replacement company in your area who can fix the problem, thus allowing you to improve your incoming water main. Of course, this is just one resolution that you can consider for this problem, as it can be solved by installing a mini-water pump but if your bathroom is upstairs, this might not be adequate. If the water pressure in the house is low, your best bet might be to invest in a heavy-duty pump to help send water around the property. Even though modern showers are very efficient, if the water pressure is insufficient, an additional pump is the best solution.

You need to be extra vigilant with the bathroom, checking regularly for water leaks, and should you find anything untoward, either fix it yourself or call in your local plumber.