11 Must Have Tools for Natural Emergencies

Disasters come unbidden and their outcome quite intolerable in the places where they occur. The list of disasters that have struck various places on the globe is endless and the victims are left helpless due to the natural occurrences they had not foreseen or been well prepared for. It is thus paramount for you to fully brace yourself for any outcome of a disaster before the rescue team gets to your uninhabitable location. The tools mentioned in the article will help you to meet your basic needs to sustain you and your family members’ lives in case of a natural emergency.

  1. Emergency water supplies

Water is among the basic needs in life and having an emergency supply will go a long way in increasing your survival during times of disasters. Blackouts are common during some emergencies such as floods or storms and this might make it impossible for the water treatment facilities to operate normally cutting the supply of clean water to your home.

Many people are usually dehydrated during emergencies and a supply of extra water could help keep this at bay. The situation is even dire for those who have chronic illnesses such as Diabetes or Hypertension and this category of people should deliberately have a supply of emergency water.

The amount of water that is recommended per individual is about a gallon per person on a daily basis. It is good to store it in clean containers or bottles and if it comes to the worst you can clean up your bathtub and fill it with water.

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  1. An Emergency water filter

For you to enjoy clean water when you are caught up in the wild or during a disaster you ought to have a water filter. The market is awash with mini water purification/filtration units that are available at an affordable cost. It is wise to include one in your personal toolkit since disaster can end up displacing you to areas that might be having a supply of contaminated water.

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  1. Emergency food supplies

Just like water, we can’t stay without food for long if we are to survive. Emergencies are usually characterized by acute food shortages and lack of prior planning can lead to loss of lives due to starvation. It is recommended that you have at least food stores which could last you for about week.

The suitable foods are the ones which are non-perishable mostly food stuffs which are canned. You could also pick foods which don’t need to be cooked but with a relatively high nutritive value. An option that is a bit expensive but appropriate is you buying freeze dried hikers meals as they are quite delicious. Alternatively you could opt for Military Meals Ready to Eat food but the best option in the long is learning how to dehydrate your food and can it for future use.

  1. Keep a First-aid Kit

This is another item that will be pretty handy in disasters. It should be well stocked with equipment and supplies to handle minor injuries and these include; an antibacterial cream, band-aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, Aspirin, Motrin, medical tape, gauze, a small dental emergency kit as well as other items that could aid you in treating scrapes, small eye injuries, splinters and insect stings just to mention a few.

Those who are allergic to insect bites need to ensure that their kit includes Epi-pen Auto-Injector, which is actually Epinephrine and it will help to prevent anaphylaxis.

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  1. Be equipped with a Multi-tool

This is truly a must have not just in an emergency situation, you should always carry it along wherever you head to. The popular models normally contain a folding knife, small saw, strong pliers, metal file, hole punch, Philips and flat head screwdriver, wire cutter, wood saw as well as a pair of scissors.

You could get your hands on one by sparing between $10 to about $120 but the price tags speaks about the quality of a respective model.

  1. Have some LED Flashlights

It is prudent for you to have a least one or if you can several flashlights. The costs of buying many of them has now been made to be relatively affordable. You need to also keep a number of batteries to power them for long. See to it that you are acquiring a long lasting and non-incendive to eliminate the chances of them exploding.

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  1. A Personal Hygiene kit

Natural emergencies normally have a significant effect on our personal hygiene levels. Though you might brush it off, the maintenance of your personal hygiene in natural disasters is quite key.

Ensure that you pack your toothbrush, enough toothpaste, deodorant bottle, hand sanitizer as well as wipes which could easily fit in a little pouch. Just try to keep yourself clean and smelling fresh.

  1. A Lighter and some matches

These two are a combination that will help create warmth, boil some water for you and aid in the sterilization of the medical equipment you might be have. To counter a malfunctioning lighter, carry along some tinder and a sparking device, possibly magnesium.

  1. Have an emergency hand crank radio

The importance of this will best be appreciated in times of disaster as you ought to stay informed at this time more than any other time. Devices which rely on the current digital technology might not work and this radio will come in handy.

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  1. Have a Duct Tape

Carry it along to appreciate its significance when faced with a calamity.

  1. A whistle

You need to alert people of the location you are in and a whistle could simplify this. The work of rescuers will be simplified by a whistle blow that will help them to have a more directed approach of getting to you.

The above tools will help you to have an easy time during a natural emergencies. It is good to have a good supply of food and water together with the items mentioned in the article. These items will help you buy time before rescuers get to you. Hope this article has been helpful.