Family Life Leads to Family Income

Family fun days are a good way to spend quality time with your family and give your child positive attention at the same time. Whether you can schedule family fun day once a week or once per month, regular family fun days are an essential ritual in your child’s life. With this in mind, planning […] Continue Reading ›
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Making Your Small Place Feel Like A Big Space

There aren’t many of us that live in a place that is as big as we’d like. We have to work with what we got. Luckily, there are ways to make your place feel bigger without adding any square footage. And unless you have serious space issues like sharing one bathroom between five people, coping […] Continue Reading ›

Developing Your Crafty Side Hustle

Over these past eighteen months, one thing that has become clearer is that diversity in income is a must as there’s no guarantee for a steady stream when things turn upwards on themselves – it has led to an increasing number of people seeking out alternative streams of income away from their daily working obligations […] Continue Reading ›

Why You Should Learn How To Craft Using A Crafting Guide

Crafting comes under the category of handicraft. A craft or trade is an occupation or a hobby that requires certain skills and expertise of skilled labor. In a broad historical context, especially the Middle Ages and before, the word is generally applied to those engaged in tiny scale manufacturing of products, or even their maintenance, […] Continue Reading ›
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3 Tips For Keeping Your Infant Comfortable When It’s Hot Outside

While no one likes to be outside in the heat, when you have a small baby at home with you, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re able to keep that little one at a comfortable temperature. Since babies can’t regulate their own body temperature the same way as older children and adults […] Continue Reading ›
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Grandparenthood in the Modern Era

Contemporary discussions about grandparenthood in the 21st century recognise the importance of gender as a determining factor in the role of grandparents in the relationship of grandparent-grandchild. In the modern age, the role of grandparents is as different as it was a generation ago, and it is changing. The answer is to recognise the vital […] Continue Reading ›
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Spicing up your garden and garage

When Summer rolls around and you spend more time outside, you start to notice and pick at areas of your garden and garage that just aren’t up to par. Maybe you haven’t had enough time in the spring to tend to certain areas of your garden, like perhaps you haven’t paid attention to weeds and […] Continue Reading ›

Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, as anyone who has gone through will tell you, can come with its very own, serious side effects. The radiation from the treatment can make your mealtime especially difficult as chemotherapy can alter your appetite and your sense or taste and smell. It can make you nauseous, making it difficult to keep food down. […] Continue Reading ›
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Selecting The Ideal Barbecue Sauce To Accompany Your Meats

Barbecue continues to dominate the restaurant industry in the United States. Not only do these restaurants attract large numbers of enthusiasts, they also supply their customers with barbecue sauce that’s able to be used from home to make the most out of their home-cooked meats. Sauce production is actually so successful, that each year the […] Continue Reading ›
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Home Improvements That Will Benefit Your Whole Family

Your home is where all your family get together, and it is the place where you all feel safe and secure. When you are busy with everyday commitments such as work, school runs, grocery shopping and homework, it can be difficult to find time to improve your home and make it better for every member […] Continue Reading ›