Apr 152014
Ends 5/14/14: Win one of 24 Prize Candles!

Welcome to the Awesome Prize Candle Giveaway! Yepie, it’s another fabulous giveaway where Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all her bloggy friends from around the web come together with one awesome sponsor for a fabulous giveaway!  This one is EXTRA special, because there will be 24 winners!  That is right, thanks to our sponsor PrizeCandle.com [...]

Apr 152014
Ends 5/11/14: !DeaPlay Children’s Tablet Giveaway.

Welcome to the !DeaPlay Children’s Tablet Giveaway! Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all her awesome blogging buddies have come together for another fabulous giveaway!  This time we have teamed up with !DeaPlay.com to offer you the chance to win a !DeaPlay Children’s Tablet valued at $129.00! I don’t have kiddos, but I have nieces, a [...]

Mar 272014
Ends 4/28/14: Coach Floral Print Swingpack Handbag Giveaway

Welcome to the Coach Floral Print Swingpack Handbag Giveaway Jenns Blah Blah Blog Monthly Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes! This Sweepstakes is sponsored and hosted by Jenns Blah Blah Blog. Co-hosted Just Free Stuff, Coupon Hauls, Pink Ninja Media, Pink Ninja Blogger, Simply Shawn N Jenn, Everything Mommyhood, Barefoot in Bluejeans, Mama Mission, Thrifty 4NSIC Gal,  Bay Area Mommy and [...]

Mar 252014
Easy Chocolatey Brownies from Scratch (recipe)

    Easy Chocolatey Brownies from Scratch Mmmm brownies. Am I right? So good, so bad for you and just.. yeah.. so good. You probably don’t always have one of those handy dandy box mixes on hand when the brownie urge strikes either. Luckily, you have today’s recipe. Using only stuff that you probably have [...]

Mar 192014
Stop The Dumb "Cancer Awareness" Facebook Games, Please

 Stop The Dumb “Cancer Awareness” Facebook Games, Please If your Facebook feed is anything like mine these days, no doubt there are several “no makeup selfie” photo posts. The reason behind this is for “breast cancer awareness.” You might ask “Heather, how does that do ANYTHING for cancer awareness?” It doesn’t. Not one bit. Unfortunately, [...]

Mar 182014
Ends 4/21/14: Chicken of the Sea Paying it Forward 1000 Dollar Giveaway

Welcome To The Chicken of the Sea Paying it Forward 1000 Dollar Giveaway! This giveaway is hosted by Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all her fabulous blogger friends, and sponsored by the amazing people at Chicken of the Sea! About Chicken of the Sea’s #100YearsOfGood Campaign Chicken of the Sea is celebrating #100YearsOfGood in a [...]