Dec 192014
Pebble Magnet Tutorial

Pebble Magnet Tutorial Happy 6 days before Christmas, everyone. Today’s project can come in handy if you need last minute small gifts or stocking stuffers. I know some of you out there have been done with your shopping since Thanksgiving (freaks! LOL ), but I am not one of those people. It always seems like […]

Dec 182014
Make Your Own Felt Lollipops

  Make Your Own Felt Lollipops to pin this project to your Pinterest boards, click here Hello again! Aren’t these little felt lollipops cute? They made adorable ornaments or tie ons for a gift. They’re pretty cheap to make too. I had the  sticks left over from the Candy Cane lollipops and the felt I […]

Dec 142014
Chocolate Chip Mini Croissants (recipe)

  Chocolate Chip Mini Croissants Hello again! Today’s recipe is easy and it’s great for those hectic mornings when you may or may not have a house full of guests. Sometimes you need something just a little sweet, but that can be whipped up fast. Today’s recipe fits that bill. Of course, it’s delicious too […]

Dec 132014
Coconut Oil Cherry Lip Balm

Coconut Oil Cherry Lip Balm: Happy Saturday? How are you guys doing with your holiday shopping? I’ve barely started. Oh well. It happens. I still have some time and thankfully our family is small. Today’s project is another easy one that you can do with the older kids. Teen and tween girls will love making […]

Dec 102014
Mason Jar Pincushion Sewing Kit (tutorial)

    Mason Jar Pincushion Sewing Kit: To pin to your Pinterest boards, click here Happy Hump Day, everyone. The fabric I ordered for my dogs’ Christmas dresses came in the mail today and I am in a sewing frame of mind! Today’s project is is sewing themed as well. Turn a cute little Mason […]