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Why is Kraft Paper the Ideal Material for Paper Shopping Bags?

Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process, and it’s a popular material for all kinds of paper products, including shopping bags. Here are just a few reasons why your business should invest in Kraft paper shopping bags.


Pulp produced by the Kraft process ends up much stronger than pulp created by most other processes. It holds relatively heavy loads and boasts a good tensile strength. Of course, it’s not like customers are going to be carrying around bowling balls in your bags, but it still makes sense to pick ones that are as strong as possible. Customers will think better of your business if the bags last and last, and they’ll be exposed to your branding over a longer period if the bag doesn’t quickly rip or fall apart.


Businesses across the country are becoming more and more committed to eco-friendly bagging practices – that’s one reason you’re not seeing plastic bags used nearly as much. Customers want eco-friendly bags, and it’s always nice to do something for the planet. Kraft paper bags represents the ideal solution since they are biodegradable and made from a sustainable material. Better yet, the manufacturing process itself is very low-impact.


One of the best things about paper bags is the freedom to brand them with your logo, business name, and business colours. You’ll be surprised how many customers that can attract, and Kraft paper is ideal because it takes printing extremely well. Since it’s thick, colours penetrate deep and the bag itself doesn’t tend to crumple and obscure your message.

Resistance to Yellowing

Finally, Kraft paper is very resistant to yellowing. It doesn’t matter how strong your branding is or how long the bag lasts, nobody is going to want to keep carrying it around after it starts to discolour. Choosing Kraft paper shopping bags helps prevent that from happening.