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Why Choose Bifold Patio Doors Over Sliding Patio Doors?

A patio is essentially the most comfortable area of your home, a shrine where you can relax and enjoy. And for the same reason, patio doors should not go undermined. Most people are familiar only with sliding patio doors, and they are certainly a way to go. However, you should take the time to consider other options, such as bifold doors. Most homeowners aren’t even aware they are an option, but they come with a whole host of benefits.

A patio door is something that provides a doorway to your comfort zone and as reiterated earlier, it should be given equal importance as your patio. Making a smart choice of selecting energy saving patio doors instead of traditional patio doors can help reduce your energy costs and improve your home’s comfort. And for that reason, homeowners should always opt for professional services while installing, repairing, or replacing their patio door. Experts such as the ones at National Home Improvement who offer their services for patio doors Littleton CO could be contacted if you live in the region.

Here are just a few signs you should fit bifold patio doors instead of sliding patio doors.

You’re After Larger Openings

When you fit a sliding door, glass will always cover part of the opening – it is possible to cut holes in your walls in which sliding doors can be stored, but this is extremely expensive. Bifold doors don’t present the same issue. Instead of sliding one pane against the other, bifold doors concertina inwards and can then be slid up against the wall. That means you’ll be able to fully open up a section of your room to the great outdoors. If you want unobstructed views over a larger area, bifold doors are almost certainly the way to go.

You Fancy Thinner Frames

When you’re considering any kind of glass door, you need to think about how thin the frames are going to be. In general, sliding doors use two large glass panes, so their frames need to be quite thick to take all that weight without buckling. Bifold doors use more framing to support more glass panes, which means the framing can be made much thinner. When the patio doors are shut, those thin frames won’t get in the way when you look outwards – you’ll barely notice they are there.

You Want Added Flexibility

Sliding doors can be slid open by degrees, and that’s it. In most cases, only one door will be able to slide, so you won’t enjoy much in the way of flexibility. In contrast, bifold doors are significantly more versatile. You can have them folded inside or outside your home, in one direction, both directions, or just from the middle. If you have a curved or corner section of wall, bifold patio doors can be installed without issue.