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What to do With Unwanted Old Furniture

(Image Credit: Pixabay / Dreblow)

Whether you’re moving, upgrading your furniture, or even downsizing, you’re probably going to have some furniture items that need to hit the road. Getting rid of unwanted old furniture can be a challenge. Not only is furniture heavy and difficult to move but for some, it is also a matter of personal taste. Here are four options for moving that unwanted old furniture out of your home.

Sell It. If your furniture is in good shape, you may be able to squeeze some extra cash out of it by putting it up for sale. Schedule a photo shoot with your unwanted furniture item and then post it for sale on your area’s Craigslist website. eBay classifieds and Facebook marketplaces are other excellent options. If you live anywhere near a college or university, the beginning of the semester is prime time to sell used furniture. Unfortunately, many people overestimate what they can get for used items so gauge your market before setting your prices.

Donate It. Donating furniture to a good cause is not only a noble act, but it’s also tax deductible provided you choose a non-profit organization. There are millions of charities and nonprofits to choose from that would be thrilled to make use of your gently used couch, table, or bed. Remember, items must be in good shape to donate, with no rips or stains. Other interesting choices include handing your furniture over to a local theatre to use in their productions or a small school for a break room or classroom.           

Dump It. When you can’t sell or it or donate it, sending your unwanted old furniture to the dump is a common choice. Unfortunately, the days are long past where you can just leave a large item curbside and hope for the best. There are now specific guidelines from cities and counties for proper disposal of certain items, including old furniture. Illegal furniture dumping can not only get you into trouble, but it is also terrible for the environment. Instead, consider using a convenient and eco-friendly furniture removal service that will haul away your unwanted items and make every effort to keep them out of the local landfill.

Refurbish It. There are plenty of ways that you can re-use and repurpose old furniture so that it either never needs to leave your home or is more likely to sell. Provided your pieces are structurally sound, you can strip them down to completely refurbish them to something new and delightful. Strip the stain off of that old dining room table, sand it, and refinish it to create a new dining centerpiece for your family. Take off the torn upholstery from your old couch, add new fabric and cushions to fashion a completely new piece of living room furniture.

If you don’t want to refinish items, you can find new uses for them. How many whimsical planters have you seen made from such things as claw foot bathtubs and old sinks? Even the wood from a table, bed frame, dresser, or couch could be used to build another useful piece of furniture for your home.

Sure, you can haul your unwanted old furniture out to the curb with a “free” sign on it and hope that a passerby will bite. Unfortunately, you may just find yourself with a stack of old furniture and a ticket from the city. Instead, consider one of these more environmentally-friendly options that will keep your items out of the local landfill.