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What are timber mouldings and what time should be used

Timber mouldings or profiling refers to the lengths of wood which are made to cover transitional spaces between two surfaces. Timber mouldings help provide a clean, finished look while also protecting the join from dust and dirt.

Types of mouldings available:

  • Cavetto: a concave profile which approximates a quarter of a circle
  • Ovolo: the opposite of cavetto, the ovolo profile projects outwards in a quarter circle shape
  • Cyma: a profile of double curvature, cyma mouldings are convex at the top and concave at the bottom
  • Bead: a narrow, half-round convex moulding
  • Chamfer: a bevelled edge used to connect two adjacent surfaces
  • Torus: a convex, semi-circular moulding

What timbers can you use:

Western Red Cedar: this timber is a softwood that works well with hand and machined tools, it is very durable, light weight and long lasting. Western Red Cedar has high resistance to warping and twisting and is a popular choice due to its smell and colour.

American Douglas Fir: this timber is a softwood that has good overall strength and is stable. It is moderately durable and is a popular timber due to its colour.

European Larch: this timber is a softwood that saws, machines and finishes well with good overall strength. European Larch is very popular as it’s cost effective and provides durability.

Overall, the suitability of each type of timber depends on the project the moulding will be used for, your budget and preferences in colour. In addition to the profiles, at Timbersource, we can accommodate orders for bespoke mouldings. We are able to make custom timber mouldings to your exact specifications or replicate the appearance of your existing timber moulding.

If you are still unsure of which timber would be best for your mouldings, contact one of our friendly experts. To get in touch, Click Here.

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