Running a Business

Ways to Brighten Your Business With Your Craftiness

As young men and women in the business of entrepreneurship, you have the freedom to express yourself and your beliefs about life and everything in it through whatever means you wish. Every business owner has the need to decorate their store or office.

Every business owner is also acquainted with someone who possesses a talent for taking the ordinary things of life and turning them into extraordinary pieces of artwork. Sometimes, that person is you. Below are some ways you can utilize that talent and create a welcoming atmosphere in your business that retains the attitude of dedication to customer satisfaction.

Crocheted Blankets

Here in the south, it’s not hard to find someone who knows how to work a crochet needle. They make some of the most beautiful afghans and blankets in the world. Matter-of-fact, the practice is still so relevant there are several older ladies that put their talent to work every Christmas making and donating hats and blankets to newborns in local hospitals.

This wonderful gift can brighten up any place, including your business. Run a daycare? Have some blankets crocheted with nursery rhymes on them for nap time or to hang on the wall as decoration. Give massages for a living?

Have your helpers create crocheted works of art that contain images of peaceful waterfalls or tropical rain forests. These could help set the just the right mood for clients to rest and relax in.  

DIY Jewelry Displays

Have you ever been to a jewelry store and fell in love with the displays as much as the jewelry itself? Jewelry is beautiful, in and of itself, and worn to improve the beauty of the wearer. It deserves to be displayed on a piece of beautiful artwork.

Many accomplish this by taking old or antique pieces of furniture and refinishing them. You can also take old popcorn can lids and decorate the outside of them or place old picture frames over a velvet cloth as a way to frame the elegance of a piece.

Another idea might be to find a small sturdy tree branch and spray paint it silver, or a color of your choice, and mount it to a steady block or board. These are useful for hanging bracelets or displaying fancy necklaces.

Creative Carved Signs

Every business needs one or more signs to communicate several different things to customers every day. They have signs that lead customers to the restroom, inform them if the business is open or closed, or list services that the company might offer. A good way to help your clients feel at home is to spruce up the place with an engraved wooden sign or three.

Many people find relaxation in humor. So, a sign that says, “Donating blood one mosquito at a time,” in the lobby of a doctor’s office might get a calming chuckle. If you work in a country restaurant, a sign that says, “Bacon is just another word for meat candy,” might resonate well with locals.

Crafts are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your business. Take advantage of the talent you may have or know of and create a space that invites customers to be at home spending money with your company.