Visiting Phoenix this Spring? Check Out This Adult Craft Show

Planning on taking a well-earned vacation this coming spring to relax and unwind? If you love discovering new cocktails and spirits, then there’s an upcoming event you’ve got to consider before you go any further in planning your vacation.

You’ll want to book a trip to Arizona, Phoenix, once you learn about the 6th Annual Craft Spirits and Cocktails Festival. This festival kicked off six years ago and has already attracted nationwide attention thanks to the fun, adult-themed activities and beverages available on the spot.

Join thousands of people gathering at the festival with friends and family to have the time of your life as you socialize, drink and take part in fun party games. Distillers from far and wide bring the best cocktails to the table at the festival to create a fun array of party drinks options. With something for everyone, you’ll never get bored of a single second at the Arizona Annual Craft Spirits and Cocktails Festival.

Love a Good Cocktail or Craft Beer?  

If you’re a connoisseur of good cocktails and craft beer, then you’ll be tickled pink to learn that the Annual Craft Spirits and Cocktails Festival is home to around 150 high-end cocktails and alcoholic beverages. You’ll find everything from spirits like whiskey, vodka, moonshine, mescal to alcoholic kombucha, mead, and, of course, craft beer.

Distillers from the Arizona Craft Distillers Guild gather at the festival to wow crowds and make a name for themselves. In case you’re not a hard-liquor person, a choice selection of wine and beer is also available to quench your thirst, as well.

So you don’t drink too much on an empty stomach, the festival also serves a wide range of tantalizing food to satisfy your taste buds. Music is a part of the proceeding, as well, with a live music lineup to be announced soon on the official website.

There will also be a Tiki lounge to chill with other people if you feel like it. After a fun day of drinks and party activities, you can sit back and relax enjoying the beautiful Arizona sunset. For six hours straight, you’ll be in for a good time!

After Tasting, You’ll Need to Get a Hotel Room    

After sipping on all the delicious cocktail concoctions and craft beer, you’ll need a place to hit for the night. Since you could be a bit topsy-turvy by the time the festival has ended, you should find hotels near Gilbert, AZ where the festival takes place. There are many fantastic hotels available in Gilbert, Phoenix, with various price points that you can opt for based on your budget. However, there are two hotels that we found to be fantastic and won’t hesitate to recommend.

The first is the Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert, which has all the features and amenities you would expect from a 5-star hotel. The rooms are large and spacious with lots of natural sunlight during the daylight. At night, the view of the city skyline from the top floors is gorgeous. There is also a swimming pool that you can take a dip in to wash away the tiredness after the long day at the festival. There is also a fully furnished gym that you can use at leisure.

The second hotel that we must recommend is the Cambria Hotel Phoenix. Located at the Chandler Fashion Center, this hotel provides stylish accommodations for guests that come along with excellent amenities and services. You’ll find total relaxation in a boutique setting.

Recover the Next Day Here

Once you’re done with the festival, there are still plenty of things to do around the city, so there’s no need to rush off after the festival. Recover the next day by unwinding with some relaxing activities. Visit the Freestone Park or the Riparian Reserve to lose yourself in the natural beauty of the vast Arizona wilderness. If hiking is not your cup of tea, you can always go for a game of golf at the Greenfield Lakes Golf Course. Then, of course, there is always the fun option of shopping or simply walking throughout the city.

Replenish with Some Delicious Food

If you want to appease your taste buds, you can go down to the Arriba Mexican Grill for some delicious Mexican grub or visit the Blue Wasabi if you fancy a delectable choice of delicious, authentic Japanese sushi. If you fancy Italian cuisine, then that’s an option as well if you pay a visit to the Brio Tuscan Grille.

Craft a Vacation Perfect For You

If you’ve been curious about visiting the Southwest and you love craft cocktails and beers, then this is the trip you should take. We hope to see you at the upcoming Annual Craft Spirits and Cocktails Festival this coming April 27. Book yourself a ticket now and relax with a drink in hand shortly!