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The Different Types of Choker and When You Would Wear Each One

A choker necklace was very popular back in the ’90s, and now it is trending once again. A choker sits very closely around the neck area and comes in a variety of materials and styles. They can be worn in numerous ways to achieve different looks. Below is a closer look at styling chokers with the right outfits, as well as when to wear specific ones.

Many To Choose From

There are many styles of chokers to choose from wanting to wear one with an outfit. In order to pull off the look, one should always take into account the event or occasion they are attending. From there, they can choose which style they prefer to pair with the outfit they have picked out. There are many different chokers available online and in stores, that one will have no problem finding one they love.

A Minimalistic Look

If you are looking for a choker to wear to work, go with one that is more subtle, but that still gives the outfit a sense of elegance and uniqueness. That said, you may need to visit a designer jewelry shop (get more info on such a jewelry store here) that can provide you with the kind of choker you desire. Alternatively, you can choose from a collection of chokers that they have in their brochure. These are often times dainty and have minimal details on them. They come in a variety of materials, but the metal ones (gold, silver, and rose gold) are the most popular ones.

A Mixture Of Long Necklaces And A Choker

People have been mixing jewelry for many years, and a choker is no exception. Mixing a choker with longer necklaces creates a sophisticated look (when done right) that can be worn throughout the day and taken into the night. This is simply done by pairing a planer choker with one or two longer necklaces. Do this by using your creativity to find a combination that works for you, as well as the outfit you plan on wearing.

Chokers For A More Glamorous Look

So far, everything we have talked about involved casual and everyday chokers. However, chokers are very appropriate for formal events and special date nights. For these occasions, find a choker that has rhinestones or gems to make a statement and to complement your fabulous evening wear.

To draw extra attention to your neck on these glamorous evenings, remember to wear a rich and sultry perfume. Perfume is worn on the neck where your pulse points are located, so along with a choker, your neck will be getting a lot of attention. You might want to consider wearing a fragrance by True Pheromones, which will increase your dark and mysterious allure even further.

Layered Chokers

Many women layer chokers to create an illusion of having a longer and more feminine neck. This can be accomplished by arranging two or more chokers on your neck, or you can buy them already layered. It is also recommended that you layer chokers that have different colors or materials such as faux leather with suede or gold. As long as they look good together, there are no restrictions when it comes to layering pieces of jewelry.

Lace Chokers

A lace choker is very popular this season because it is feminine and creates a chic look. However, it is not as versatile as other types of chokers, and it is not to be paired with casual wear. Regardless of the color, a lace choker embraces your neck softly and gives off a very classy and ladylike vibe.

Chokers are great pieces to have to accessorize various outfits. There are many chokers to choose from, that everyone is sure to find some that they love. As with everything involving fashion, have fun with mixing and matching different looks to pull off an amazing outfit for the occasion or event you are attending.