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Should You Keep Plants in Your Bedroom?

Do you think that keeping plants in the bedroom would just add an unnecessary accessory to your room? Think again. The American College and NASA have talked about the benefits of keeping plants in the bedroom frequently. In fact, NASA has a long list of plants that have been scientifically proven to assist in air purification of a room.

We talked to DM Design, a specialist designer of bedroom furniture in Glasgow who will help us in understanding the important of indoor plants, especially in the bedroom.

Why do you need plants in the bedroom?

Interior landscaper and gold-medalist at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Ian Drummond, talked about the important of plants in the bedroom. Talking to The Telegraph, he said, “Many people now live in cities with no outside space. We all have this longing to have some green around us, and houseplants are the perfect solution.”

They will bring a natural accent to your home’s design and help in purifying the air as well. This is not all, they could also change the aroma of your home naturally, making it appear more welcoming and relaxing. With the help of these plants, you could concentrate better, get better quality of sleep and even remove anxiety issues.

Note that it has scientifically been proven that living around nature helps a lot in relaxing. Living in urban areas, we don’t always get this luxury. Therefore, it is better to invest in quality houseplants, especially in the bedroom. The Plantsman underlines in the RHS journal, “As placing indoor plants in rooms is one of the simplest changes that can be made to enhance the environment, it stands out as a practical and affordable support for health.”

Which plants to use in bedrooms

Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant can help in soothing cuts, burns, sunburns and keep your skin healthy and glowing as well. Aloe Vera is a hardy plant and doesn’t even need much watering. The plant needs plenty of sunlight, so you can place it near a window. It has healing properties and fights off benzene and formaldehyde, found in paints and varnishes from the room.

Areca Palm

This beautiful plant has a large bushy appearance but is perfect for purifying the air around you. It is one of the top 10 purifying plants, recommended by NASA. Also, it is good for people suffering from frequent colds and sinus problems as it helps in releasing moisture in the air. The feathery plant must be exposed to indirect sunlight as direct sun can burn its leaves and turn them yellowish-green.

Boston fern

Perfect for hanging baskets, the Boston fern also removes formaldehyde from the environment. However, it should always be keep away from direct fires and smokes. These chemicals are toxic for the plant. It has a drooping leave structure that creates a ruffled effect. Use this indoor or in balconies.

Chinese evergreen

If your bedroom doesn’t get enough sunlight, the Chinese evergreen is right for you. It helps in purifying the air, grows very big and keeps the room fresh and aromatic. Just remember to water it regularly and feed it plant food every 4 weeks.

Which plant did you like the most? Let us know in comments.