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Selecting The Ideal Barbecue Sauce To Accompany Your Meats

Barbecue continues to dominate the restaurant industry in the United States. Not only do these restaurants attract large numbers of enthusiasts, they also supply their customers with barbecue sauce that’s able to be used from home to make the most out of their home-cooked meats. Sauce production is actually so successful, that each year the United States produces nearly $2 billion dollars’ worth. What’s even crazier is that this value doesn’t consider the amount of sauces that are home-made or passed down through generations of a family.

For barbecue enthusiasts, this can actually lead to the problem of not knowing which sauce is the perfect pair for their meats. For the uninitiated, different meats pair exquisitely with different sauces. For example, your preferred sauce for pulled chicken or pulled pork might be the same. However, your preferred sauce for brisket will likely not be the same sauce you prefer on your ribs. While the right sauce can elevate your meats, it can be a challenge to find which sauce is just right for you.

For those struggling with selecting the right sauce, no need to stress. The infographic featured alongside this post is an excellent resource for matching the right meats with the right sauces. Not only will it detail the flavor profiles of multiple common sauces, it will also serve as a guide to pairing these sauces with common entrees.

What you might notice about the resource, however, is that it’s a bit inconclusive. After all, taste is ultimately a preference, so there’s no right or wrong answer, per se.  What you prefer with your barbecue might be the opposite of what your closest friend might prefer. The resource is meant to serve as a guide for those unsure of their preference.

One of the biggest takeaways is that there will likely be multiple different combinations that you’ll enjoy. For this reason, it’s necessary to always explore these options and see where your tastes sit on the spectrum. Some of the other advice from the infographic is as follows:

  • Barbecuing skills will always trump the right sauce. Without the most perfectly prepared meat, it’s hard to decide which sauce is most suitable. The same way that the sauce can’t salvage a poorly barbecued piece of meat. Prioritize barbecuing skills over sauce expertise.
  • It’s impossible to appreciate each sauce flavor out there without being willing to try them. Don’t limit yourself to your favorite sauces, give them all a try to discover new favorites.
  • Local barbecue restaurants are great places to explore new flavor combinations. The experts working for these restaurants have likely experienced much more barbecue than you could ever dream of. Draw some inspiration from combinations of meats and sauces on their menu.

If you’re searching for more information regarding the best pairs of meats and sauces, be sure to review the infographic coupled with this post. Courtesy of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants.