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Orangery vs Conservatory: what’s the difference and what to go for this summer?

With summer fast approaching, many are trying to get their homes up together and adding a conservatory or orangery is seen as a great way to add value to your home. But which one do you go for and what are the differences between the two? The short answer is that it depends on what you are looking to add to your home.

What is the difference?

Originally intended to operate as a greenhouse for the aristocracy, modern day orangeries are typically seen on smaller builds. Some fundamental differences between orangeries and conservatories are the roof. An orangery will have a more traditionally structured roof with a centrally located ‘lantern‘ to let in light. Conservatories tend to have roofs made of glass material.

The second difference is in the building materials used. Conservatories will usually be made largely from a glass or polycarbonate based panels. Orangeries on the other hand will be built with bricks, or whatever material was used to build the original house. This is one of the reasons why an orangery is often thought of as a bridge between the traditional conservatory and a full blown extension.

The roof of an orangery will usually comprise of a light lantern constructed into a traditional extension roof. This provides more winter-time insulation than a conservatory whilst also letting in a considerable amount of light. This could provide a good solution to the common issues of conservatories which are used a lot in the summer but fall into disregard in the winter months.

Which one should you choose?

As mentioned earlier orangeries tend to pair better with smaller homes due to the normally rectangular shape. Additionally orangeries will often suit older homes better particularly if you are looking to match the brickwork of the extension to the original house.

One benefit of orangeries is the availability of a roof light. This provides natural lighting with the added benefit of more privacy due to the larger concentration of brickwork. This works both ways however as conservatories will then tend to let in more light. Although, if you are opting for a roof light installation, you would need to take particular heed of the condition of the roof. If in case the roof does not look in proper condition, you could get in touch with experts like Florida Southern Roofing (https://www.floridaroofing.com/) or similar ones in your area who can help you fix your roofing woes.

Living Rooms resemble an orangery but have a conservatory style roof. These interesting options provide the best of both worlds. As the name implies the ‘Livin-Room’ is essentially a living room in a conservatory.

Conservatories and Greenhouse Structures tend to suit more modern houses and commercial spaces alike and will in many cases be the cheaper option. However it must be stated that with modern efficient installation techniques many different features reserved for orangeries are now appearing on conservatories and vice versa.

Find a Great Provider whether you go for an Orangery or Conservatory

Both Conservatories and Orangeries have their benefits but whichever option you choose will almost certainly add sustained value to your home. When you have decided on the installation you feel will best suit you head over to the Salisbury Glass Centre. The experts there will fit your installation with precision and tremendous care.