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Learning to Have Fun with a Purpose

If the mere mention of the prospect of something like putting some purpose into the fun you have has you thinking it’s not at all possible then perhaps you have to take another look at what you describe as fun. Sure, for most people fun is immediately associated with alcohol, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of fun, as much as it may be for you personally.

Fun means different things to different people, but even then, the idea of purposeful fun may have you questioning its legitimacy, justifiably pointing to the universally accepted view that a very big part of what makes fun, fun is indeed that of the frivolity involved in the fun activity.

It’s as simple as this though – you will enjoy a better quality of life if you learn how to have fun with a purpose, whether it’s just a slightly improved quality of life or one which is drastically improved to the point that it completely changes your life around. It’s not a very difficult concept to take on board, examples of which feat should have you looking in the direction of professional sportsmen, particularly professional footballers.

I make specific mention of football because it’s the one sport that has the most stories of how a professional career grew out of real passion. With the likes of basketball, it’s more of a paved out path which entails fighting it out for sports scholarships, getting drafted into the semi-pro circuits with the final aim of going pro and basically just taking a calculated approach to make a career out of the sport. With football there are a lot more stories of how a player who went on to land a professional contract was spotted playing in the Sunday League, on a dusty pitch somewhere or anywhere else which indicates that they’re in it only for the fun of it.

Footballers who play with big smiles on their faces bear testimony to the authenticity of the idea of having fun with a purpose, because as much as they’re visibly enjoying themselves, at the end of the week is a fat paycheque waiting for them.

If you’re not even in the slightest bit talented in any sport or hobby that has the capacity to make you a lot of money however, all’s not lost and you should still pursue the ideal of finding ways to have fun with a purpose. The secret to it is first focussing on the fun aspect of it – identify things which would do even if you never got paid a single cent for them, or those things which even have you spending money to indulge in them.

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In the end, you might find that not only did you learn something new and purposeful, but you also had fun doing it! And isn’t that what life is all about?