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Ideas to Craft Your Bike Seat Cover

A bicycle is only as good as the seat it comes with. Even if you are riding the fastest and feature-rich bike in the world, you wouldn’t find any use for it unless the seat is very comfortable. Imagine having to constantly adjust a seat while you are riding and ending up with pain and rashes. Its every biker’s nightmare.

Is your existing bike seat uncomfortable?

Though, as you will find when you buy enduro mountain bike, or any type of bike for that matter, bikes come with standard seats that may be comfortable for an average rider, the truth is that we are all built differently. Some people may have wider hips while others could have heavier thighs because of which their ideal seat covers vary widely. If you feel pain and discomfort while riding your bike and feel that your weight is not being supported adequately, then you may need to make some changes and go for the most comfortable bike seat .

Is it possible to get a new seat?

Bike seats can be easily replaced. Depending on your height, weight, and build, you can add more width, length, or padding to your bike seat. However, if you have rented the bikes from Pelican Cruiser, hilton head bike rentals (or similar service providers in your vicinity), you may have to acquire permission to remodel the bike, because, at the end of the tenure, you will have to return it back to them. The remodeling process is generally very cost-effective and opens up a wide range of customization options for the users. Colors, patterns, or design- you name it and you will most likely get it.

The market is full of a large number of bike saddles that could satisfy your needs. You could choose between specialty saddles and regular, everyday saddles. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products you could find.

OUTDERDO Bike Saddle

If you are looking for a comfortable bike saddle that could fit your mountain bike with ease, look for the OUTERDO bike saddle. It is a shock proof and firm product that you can ride with ease for longer durations in tough terrains. The hollow and lightweight seat enhances comfort as it makes you feel cooler. The best thing is that it fits almost any bike.

Sunlite Cloud-9 Gel Saddle

If you are looking for a super comfortable unisex option, then go for the Sunlite Cloud-9 Gel saddle. This one is great for regular everyday use and works well for long rides as well. The seat is ideal for both beginners and pros, given its dual density gel foam padding. It can also handle a wider variety of body types and provides adequate support as well. The seat comes with a chrome coil spring suspension which can easily handle shocks and pressure. The seat is wider than most other saddles but fits easily into any bike.

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S.

This unique anatomic relief saddle helps those who experience numbness and pain from cycling extensively. The saddle can relieve pressure from the soft issue and make your bike rides more comfortable. It comes with a Sit-bone gel pad that provides utmost soft comfort alongside great support.

You have several more options to choose from. The idea is to assess your needs well and then finding a seat that fits them well. It could be confusing at first, but eventually you will be able to find the right saddle.