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How Would You Choose the Best Quality Blinds

It is really difficult to clean heavy curtains every month and you cannot prevent dust and UV ray through these curtains. In this case, you can choose the best quality blinds for your home or offices. Blinds are relatively inexpensive, practical, and are too easy to install. It comes with a variety of pitch slats that control the light levels from gentle filtering to complete darkness. Slats are generally made up of vinyl, wood, aluminium, or PVC, and they are available in various widths. Even, you can customise such blinds according to your needs. There is also a bounty of companies to hfelp you with designing your custom blinds. In New York City they have an abundance of great designers ready to make your home perfect.

#6 Tips To Choose The Best Quality Blinds:

#1. Select- Inside or Outside Mount

An inside mount of your window frame will make the blinds tidy and you can install such blinds inside the mount to hide your window frames. On the other hand, the outside mounted one will cover up the part window frame and the holes of the mounting bracket will be visible upon removal of the brackets. People usually opt for the outside mounting if their window frames are too shallow to fit the mounting brackets.

#2. Make A Good Choice

The mini blinds are mostly made up of vinyl or aluminum and come in an affordable range. On the other part, wooden blinds are little expensive. You can get it with a cord (for raising and lowering the slats) or without a cord (move the slats with a bottom). Cords are harmful to the children, it’s better for you to choose cordless if you have children at your place. Apart from that, you can choose the automatic blinds for your rooms and you can control such blinds by remote control system.

#3. Measure And Then Buy

If you have chosen the inside mounting one, then measure your window’s width. Select the width of the blinds that can easily fit within the space. Don’t opt for too narrow one as you can have too much light coming in. With outside mounting one, measure the window’s width that you would prefer to cover and choose the blinds accordingly.  In this regard, you can consult with a dealer to take the measurement of your windows, and they will install your custom blinds according to your window size.

#4. Open The Package

After purchasing, open the package and read all the instructions. Make sure that you have everything that includes a drill or a screwdriver and a pencil before starting up with the installation. If you do not have such DIY tools then you can ask the dealer to install such blinds. You can find some blinds installation services online and you can hire them for the same.

#5. Mark The Holes and Drill it

Placed the bracket at a place and mark the holes with a pencil. An inch gap from the edges will be a safe spot to mark if you are installing the blinds inside the mount. If you get a template along with the blinds in the package, then make use of it to mark the holes. Then after marking, drill the marked holes so that the screw installation becomes easier to hold up the brackets.

#6. Install Blinds

Finally, hold up the window brackets in a place, line up all the holes and go for screw installation. Repeat the same with the second window brackets. In case, you do not have a drill or driver, then you can go for a screwdriver. Blinds can be difficult to put up if you haven’t done any research first!

Overall, these are the few steps with which you can install your blinds easily. If your blinds have some decorative valance, make sure to follow the instruction that given for completing the whole procedure. So, follow these steps whenever you are going to install window brackets to gear up the beauty of your room.