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How to Set Up the Perfect Comfortable Space in Your Home You’ll Never Want to Leave

Making your house feel like a home takes a little bit of creativity. There are things to be improved, furniture to be moved and decisions to make about design. Whatever your decision, there is at least one room in your home that will benefit from an alternative to Lovesac. It’s been a long time coming, but having a better option is always motivation enough to change things around. Once you find the sweet spot, your living space will be redone to your liking.

Keep The Essentials In Order

Feng shui is an actual thing, but you don’t need to be an expect on it. It’s easy to change out one thing and then end up changing an entire room. Concentrate on the important things first, and then branch out to other ideas. If your major project has to do with a new couch, adding things to a nearby kitchen won’t really improve things. And if your bedroom needs an entire makeover, try not to spend more time redecorating the master bathroom. Prioritize the most uncomfortable areas of your home instead of trying to improve everything at once. This will keep you from endless projects and easy failures from misguided focus.

Change The Lighting

Soft lighting is an underappreciated addition to any home. Regular lights are harsh at night time and not especially comfortable to read with. Instead of relying on accessories or lampshades to make the light compatible, get a warm toned LED. Not only do they last much longer than regular bulbs, but they have additional features based on which model you get. A ‘smart’ LED is so advanced that it can adjust the light type automatically without user input. Even if you opt to go the cheap route with warm LED lights, it will still be more beneficial than a regular bulb.

Is Your Bedding Up To Date?

One of the biggest causes of acne is dirty pillowcases. Constant itching and small bumps on the body can be caused by dirty bed sheets. These are two things that you should always keep up to date for health reasons. This is also a good time to reassess your backup sheets and pillows. Not everyone has a backup that flows well with their current room design. Instead of having a generic backup, switch to something that is just as compatible as the original set. This way you get a brand-new look each time you swap out your sheets and pillow cases. It’s a small change, but one that you’ll appreciate when you have a steady rotation.

Throw Pillows Are More Than Decorative

Everyone enjoys the fluffiness of a quality throw pillow. Instead of relying on decorative pillows as a design crutch, mix in throw pillows that provide good looks and comfort. They can go on the bed, couch, daybed or anywhere that needs to be extra cozy. Throw pillows come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors to fit within your theme. And since they are priced well, you can get a bunch of them at once without straining a tight budget. Velvet, nubby boucle and wooly cable knit are some of the current favorites in most households.

Does Carpet Make A Difference?

This will be the most debatable tip on the list, and for good reason. Everyone has a preference when it comes to their home floor. Carpet is comfortable and feels great between your feet. You can lay on carpet, and if it is good enough, fall asleep on it. A hardwood floor is sturdy, doesn’t trap as much dirt and is great for people with allergy problems. Both types have their own sets of pros and cons, but the rating for comfort will always go to carpet. There is nothing more relaxing than walking through your front door, taking off your shoes and walking across high-quality carpet. It’s a feature that can’t be copied by hardwood floors, so you’ll have a big decision to make. Comfortable carpet or easier to maintain hard floors?

Do You Have A Spot?

What is your favorite spot in the house? Think about the place that is your go-to for relaxation or to be alone. This is the spot that needs comfortable care treatment the most. There is no point in having a spot if it doesn’t fit your comfort needs. So check if you have the right temperature in your favorite spot. You can consider installing an air conditioner if you do not have one. Contact an HVAC company like Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. (https://gohomeheating.com/twin-falls/air-conditioning/) that can send professionals to install your new AC. Design the space so that it is on equal footing with your bedroom in terms of pure bliss. You should be comfortable being lazy or sleeping in that specific spot. If the spot is not private, then consider making a small space for yourself that is more inviting than the current setup. It’s a small gesture that will make it more likely to get into the mood of doing nothing.

Change The Curtains

When is the last time you took a close look at how the windows in a home are set up? Good windows block cold air from getting in, but the curtains are the additions that makes the space ‘feel’ warm. Simple sheer linen’s look nice but doesn’t take advantage of the full potential of the space. Combined with heavy curtains or luxury drapes, windows can really stand out in your living space. This is important when you have gathering places near windows. It can stop the glare on a television set or strong beams of light reflecting off furniture in your home.

Update The Sofa Or Loveseat

This is the easiest way to bring an extra layer of comfort into your home. Sofa’s and loveseats often overstay there welcome, making for an unsatisfactory experience. Instead of trying to improve furniture that isn’t holding up its end of the deal, splurge by getting something new. This may seem like a big deal, but think of it in practical terms. The only other place in your home where you spend several hours a day is probably the bedroom. That means the sofa or loveseat needs to be a comfortable space to relax in. Convenience should also play a factor in the buying decision, so don’t be afraid to pay for extra features if it improves the value of the furniture.

Decorate With Memories

This is the easiest way to make any place in your home a comfortable space. There are entire isles at stores dedicated to frames, crafts and digital memory options. Find pictures and videos that make you the happiest and set them up around your favorite area. Set up your own personal theme using pictures around your home. With enough creativity, you can tell a story with no words just by using good positioning. For videos, digital frames that continuously loop pictures are a worthwhile purchase. They’re easy to set up, and don’t require the use of separate hardware to function.

A Smart House Is A Comfortable House

Comfort is tied to convenience, and that is exactly why a smart home is recommended. You can update any home with smart features so that it caters to your needs without user input. Have the a/c stay at specific temperatures depending on the time of year, day and humidity. Lights switch on automatically when you enter a room and switch off once you leave. Voice activated speakers play your favorite songs, provide important information and can even stream act as a mic for phone calls while you roam around the home. The only downside about smart hardware is that it’s hard to just buy one. Once you get used to the convenience, you’ll want it for your home, car and office.

Scent Your Home

Plug in scents, incense and candles are all appropriate ways to add a scent to your home. Take it a step further by placing decorative bowls of potpourri around your home. They last for ages, and look really good if you strategize the placement. This is also an excuse to decorate a few tables with different linens if the old ones don’t match up. Potpourri is mild in its scent so can be used in conjunction with other stronger scents to create a completely different experience.

Make A Game Room For Your Kids

Parents can improve their comfort by 100% by giving kids a separate room to play in. This keeps mess out of other areas of their house, including their room. A designated game room is easy to clean up, and can serve multiple purposes if company comes over. Instead of dealing with a similar mess in several areas of your home, now it is confined to the game room. This can be a huge stress reliever to big families that have space for a game room.

Wrap Up

Take control of your home by designing it in a way that makes you the most comfortable. Instead of having a simple area to live in, enjoy the luxuries of a home that comforts you. A little bit of effort goes a long way into creating a perfect home space. These improvements are a healthy way to boost your downtime without breaking the bank.