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How to Improve Your Bathroom’s Appearance Using Mirrors

It can be frustrating if you have recently had your bathroom remodelled, but still feel as though the room is lacking something.

Or perhaps you want to switch up the appearance of your bathroom, but you don’t want to undergo the lengthy, expensive process of a full refurbishment.
In both of these tricky situations, you may be at a complete loss for what to do. An easy solution, that can work wonders in either case, is to add a mirror to the room.

There are many ways in which a mirror can greatly improve your bathroom’s aesthetic, so read on to discover just a few of them:

Create the illusion of space

One of the most positive things that a mirror can do in your home, is create illusion of more space than there actually is.

Placing mirrors in a bathroom will cause them to reflect light around the room, which in turn will make the room seem considerably bigger and brighter.

Employing this technique in smaller, darker bathrooms is a cost-effective method of expanding the room, with no renovation needed!

When hanging mirrors, be sure to put them on wall panels, which are waterproof, rather than tiled walls, as this will reduce the growth of mould behind the mirror, resulting in less cleaning needed. Pairing this with plastic shower panels will give you an extremely modern, low maintenance bathroom.
Use them as a centrepiece

If your bathroom is already cramped, the last thing you need is to add a clumpy, oversized centrepiece to the room. However, not having a focal point in the room can leave guests or potential home-buyers wanting more.

Decorative mirrors are a great answer to this problem. As they are able to hang on the wall, they won’t take up much space, but are still able to add a classy touch to the room.

This is also a good option for a room that does not have a bath as the centerpiece of the room. Without one, finding something to use as a centerpiece can be hard. Therefore, a stylish mirror is a perfect replacement. Getting in touch with companies like Lulu & Georgia (https://www.luluandgeorgia.com/collections/mirrors) could help you find the best mirror that you would love to have as a part of your room decor.

Illuminated mirrors

A bathroom mirror with custom light fixtures is a great choice if you are looking to add a touch of class to your room, and make your bathroom furniture look much more expensive than it actually is.

These types of mirrors are available in a variety of widths and lengths, so there are options offered for any size of bathroom. As well as this, you can purchase them in a multitude of brightness levels, to personalize your room however you want it.

Not only that, they’re perfect for getting ready on winter mornings or late in the evening, as they will provide incredible lighting that simply isn’t available from the sunlight at these hours.

There you have it, proof that a mirror is the perfect, low cost option to brighten up a room and provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.