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Home Improvement Tips: Conservatory Insulation

A conservatory is an excellent addition to any home; it’s perfect for relaxing during the summer, and it provides a quaint oasis in which to unwind during the cooler winter months. But, having inadequate insulation means your conservatory could be unbearably cold during the winter, and suffocatingly hot during the summer. To avoid these scenarios, it is advisable to install grade A insulating material. Projects 4 Roofing identifies Conservatory Roof Conversion as one of the most important tasks to tick off your home maintenance to-do list. It could make all the difference for your conservatory, and allow you to truly relax there without worrying about the temperature.

Why Insulate Your Conservatory?

The short answer is to keep it warm. While many would choose a company like Air Care (https://aircarecharlotte.com/service-areas/stallings/) to install a heating system in their conservatory it isn’t the only solution. Insulation can also work to heat your conservatory, plus it has the bonus of preventing heat loss.

Most people know that both hot air mainly escapes through the roof of your home, the same happens in your conservatory. If it isn’t adequately insulated, you’ll allow heat to escape through the foundations.

But insulation can also act to cool your conservatory, useful if you live in a hot area. It can act as a barrier, stopping the sun’s rays from penetrating your conservatory. For instance, during a warm summer’s day, when the temperatures continue to rise, your roof will bear the brunt of the sun’s heat. It is directly exposed to the sun’s rays, meaning it suffers more than your walls in terms of exposure.

The vast majority of conservatory roofs are either constructed using glass or polycarbonate. Although they look good, both are poor thermal barriers that don’t effectively protect your conservatory roof. Heat will effortlessly pass right through them, making your conservatory feel more like a greenhouse than an extension of your home.

Will Insulating the Conservatory Roof Make a Difference?

The short answer is yes, insulating your conservatory roof will make a huge difference to the environment you experience in your room. When it gets cold outside and you decide to turn on the heating, you’ll immediately notice that your conservatory is warmer. You’ll also find that even when the heating is turned off, your conservatory will retain heat much better than before. To help make sure that this is running efficiently, you may want to have a service check of your heating system to be assured that it is up to date, this may mean contacting services such as CJS Heating and Air to have them look it over.

Advantages of Insulating Your Conservatory Roof

Comfort – By choosing to insulate your conservatory roof, the first thing you’ll notice is the level of comfort you have in your living space, it won’t feel as warm in the summer or as cold in the winter as previous periods. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy this space without having to worry about cosiness anymore. It is always advisable to install fire rated insulation for obvious reasons, this type of material doesn’t just help regulate internal temperatures, it also adds that extra bit of protection to your home. Your conservatory will stay at room temperature no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Protection – You must bear in mind that most conservatories are an extension of your home, they weren’t part of the original house plans, meaning they’re an additional structure that may not have the same insulating properties as your home. To ensure your conservatory is adequately protected, you should install an extra layer of high grade insulating material to the roof for better safety.

If you plan on improving your home, why not start with your conservatory? You’ve almost certainly spent a considerable amount of money on the construction of this area, so why not make the most of it and have high-quality multi-layered insulation foil installed. It will dramatically improve the area and make your conservatory far cosier.