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Have Some Free Time? Do These Beautiful Crafts

A boring afternoon or evening is one of the most dreaded times of modern life. There is so much to do and accomplish that finding free time is like a dream come true. Yet, when we find this time, we don’t know what to do. Eventually we end up bored and time passes by without a hint of entertainment.

Don’t kill time browsing through Netflix and finding the same old movies to watch. Instead, do something creative. Here are some beautiful crafts you can make when you are bored at home.

Decorate a phone case

All it takes is a few nail polishes to make a beautiful phone case design. Draw your design on a paper and then use nail polishes carefully to recreate it on the cover. Once done, fill in the colors and let dry. If you have a nail art kit, accomplishing this design will be much easier. Use stickers, glitters etc. to make your phone stand out. Geometric designs look great, but you can also choose to draw a cartoon character or a symbol. When the polish has dried, top it off with a two applications of nail polish top coat.

Melted crayon craft

Take a canvas and a few crayons. Arrange them side by side on the top of the canvas to give you a rainbow gradient. Place a paper or tape on the bottom of the canvas. Decide which design you will use here. Cityscapes often work the best but you can add several characters, figurines, and logos. Make sure that this area remains protected.

Now, take a hair dryer and put it on the maximum heat setting. Start blowing heated air on to the crayons. You will notice that they have started to melt. Ensure that the canvas is slightly titled so that all colors pour down like rain. Some colors will also fuse to form a newer, more detailed gradient on the canvas. Once you have received the effect of your choice, let the canvas dry. Upon drying, remove the paper and your brand new melted crayon craft is ready.

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