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Five Essentials to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

Living in a country that has four distinct seasons is fantastic, but it does mean that you’ll have to adjust to snap changes in temperature over the course of the year. While you want your home to feel fresh and breezy in the summer, you’ll need a nice warm space for when the winter comes around.

When temperatures start to plummet, you’ll need to keep your home well insulated. You might most likely have other preparations to pay attention to, like getting heavy and warm cloths, long boots, fixing the fireplace and checking whether the Heat Pumps are working properly. So, pull on your slippers and a hot chocolate and enjoy this list of five essentials to make your home cosy this winter.

1. Upgrade your radiators

The most effective way to warm up your home is with effective radiators. If they’ve been off for months, you’ll need to ensure they are still in good working order. If not, it may be time for an upgrade. You can get different sizes and shapes to suit all the rooms in your home, including vertical column radiators for those smaller spaces.

2. Pull out the fuzzy textiles

Throw blankets, and soft carpets are your best friend during the winter season. Even if you’ve got the heat cranked up, there’s nothing like wrapping up in a warm blanket and snuggling in for the night. Choose thick, woven fabrics that will keep in the heat and opt for warmer colors like deep reds, browns and oranges. Consider adding warmth underfoot by including an area rug during this season.

3. Soft lighting

While harsh, bright light may be great on a summer’s day, during the winter, it’s all about the soft lighting. Consider installing dimmer switches so you can adjust your room lighting to a lower level. Use free-standing floor or table lamps as the primary source of light rather than harsh overhead bulbs. You can even change out your fluorescent light bulbs during the winter for warmer, orange or yellow tones. Lighting is crucial to set a mood, so ensure that you’ve chosen a series of lamps, and candles won’t go amiss either – just be careful if you have small children.

4. Change your curtains

If they’re not doubled glazed, then windows will allow heat to escape. Choosing a thick material for your curtains will help to keep out any extra cold and in the warmer months, it’s nice to have some sheer curtains up to allow the light in and a soft breeze to circulate when you open the window. You’ll likely not be opening your windows in the winter, and therefore a heavy, lush material is the better option. Plus, it will help the room feel more intimate and cozy.

5. Scented candles and oils

There are certain smells that people associate with winter, like cinnamon, pine and gingerbread, and these scents have the power to make you feel cozy and nostalgic. Even some laundry scents can make the home feel fresh and clean if you aren’t keen on these wintry scents. Light candles or burn essential oils in different rooms in your house throughout the winter season. Beyond just the smell, the light from candles is exceptionally soothing and makes you feel at ease. Many homes no longer have the luxury of a wood-burning fireplace and candles are a great option in these cases.